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Why Fiber Optic Network Is High-Speed Internet Connection?

Future of Broadband Connections

The internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, which is why the moment we face connectivity or speed issues it feels as if the world has come to an end. While there are many reasons why we face such internet issues, one of them is the type of broadband connection we own. This can either be a copper cable connection or a fibre optic connection. An internet service provider in India is likely to offer both types of broadband services. But which one will offer the seamless and fast connection you aspire for your internet requirements?

The answer is simple – the fibre optic broadband connection. 

What is a fibre optic network?

Fibre optic is the latest advancement and hence is rightly regarded as the future of broadband connections. In this type of connection, the internet is passed from one device to another by harnessing the power of light. This ensures that the strength of the signal never weakens and the chances of distortion are minimal as compared to a copper cable line or even a digital subscriber line (DSL).

fiber optics

Let us understand why consistent, high-speed internet becomes a reality with fibre optic networks:

1. Distance no longer matters: In the case of copper cable connections, the farther you are from your internet service provider in India, the more likely you will face signal and connectivity issues. Fibre optic networks, on the other hand, due to their design are less affected by the issues presented by distance, environment, and service. Face frequent power cuts, no worries, as your fibre optic network will continue to operate with the same speed and efficiency. Thus, when you are connected to the internet with a fibre cable, then expect no interruptions.

2. High and symmetric speed: While a copper cable connection can offer speeds up to 100 Mbps, fibre optic networks offer speeds up to 1 Gbps. This is possible due to the technology behind this type of network. So you will be able to upload and download files in seconds with the super fast speeds even during peak hours boosting your efficiency and productivity. Another point connected to high-speed internet with fibre optic network is achieving symmetric speeds. This means that both your upload and download speeds would be equal. In copper cable connections, you would notice that the download speed is faster than the upload speed, in fibre connections the speeds are more or less the same. So you can download a video while uploading another one without fear of the internet slowing down.

3. High bandwidth cap: Fibre optic network unline copper cable or DSL networks offer higher bandwidth to its users. In the case of copper cable connections, you are generally sharing the bandwidth with multiple other users, thus, during peak hours, connectivity and speed issues are quite common. On the other hand, a fibre optic connection is offered as a dedicated connection, which means that you can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet without disruptions and signal weakness due to too much activity.

4. Process data with minimal delays: This is measured in terms of latency, basically how much time it takes for an internet signal to pass from one source to another. High latency is another internet issue faced with a copper cable connection that fibre optic eliminates. With fibre, you will face lower latency and will be able to transfer your files easier and faster.

5. Safer and more secure: Not only do we look for speed, but also how secure a particular connection, especially as most of our lives is now online. While it is easy to tap into a copper cable connection, for a hacker to do so in a fibre optic connection would require cutting the line. This will also shut down the line and thus, alert you in case of a security breach. Thus, fibre optic networks offer more protection to the user and prevent them from being victim of cyber crimes.


Therefore, when you are searching for an internet service provider in India look for one who is offering a fibre net connection. As this will allow you to perform all your tasks whether it is working, entertainment, gaming or studying with no interruptions, thanks to the high-speed and consistent fibre optic network. 

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