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Why Do You Need Social Listening Tool For Your Business?

A social listening tool is no longer just an option for a business. It has become a choice for every business, irrespective of its size and type. A business needs this tool to get an overall view of its brand and its performance on social channels. Avoiding this makes the business with great loss.

A social listening tool is thus an important thing about brand monitoring. Even in some cases, this is considered the best thing to manage the online reputation of the brand. Experts at an online reputation management company often talk about this with great excitement.

Still, finding no reason to use the best social listening tool?

Come on, here in this article, we have come forward to spread knowledge about social listening tools. Why it is used in business, what are the basic characteristics, what are the different social listening tools, and many more?

5 Reasons you need a social listening tool for your business

  1. Visual listening: A social listening tool is mainly designed to listen or monitor visual content like videos, images, etc. On social media, multiple images, videos, and other visual content are posted regularly. Studies have found that visual content generates huge engagement. And to monitor this, the social listening tool helps a lot.Social listening tools recognize the images posted on social media. Maximum images are without brand mentions, but with the comprehensive understanding of brand perception, the tools identify the images and create a better insight into them.This particular feature can track over 30000brand logos, collect the logos in the database, identify different objects, and make use of AI-powered technology for better results.
  2. Allow you to respond in real-time: Many buyers make use of social platforms to add reviews or ask their queries within post comments. A social listening tool discovers such comments and conversations and responds to them in real-time.
    The instant reply is always the first criteria that make a business credible and trustworthy. It takes no time for such a business to build a strong reputation online and gain the trust of potential buyers.A social listening tool monitors each and every conversation on social media. Be it is a complaint or a review, it discovers all of them and allows you to respond in seconds. It uses a dashboard to combine all the comments from different platforms.
  3. Identify brand mentions: Social listening tools are also responsible for identifying brand mentions. You can use this tool over 10 different social networks including online news sites, blogs, forums, offline databases, and many more.A social listening tool never misses an opportunity to connect you with your audience. It crawls every platform to identify your brand mentions and discover how people are reacting to your brand. This affects a lot in building a brand reputation online.Other than listening to over 10 social networks, you can monitor over 150 million websites and find the issues that need to be solved immediately.
  4. Determine new trends: Every industry evolves new marketing trends. And to create a competitive edge in a business, it is necessary to learn about new trends and techniques and applying the same in it. Confused about how to grab knowledge about new marketing trends? This is when you need a social listening tool that can listen to new trends used by the competitors of the same industry.
    With real-time listening, the social listening tools identify the trends, map out the previous trends for comparison, use a virality map to understand how the trend has spread, and create a time-lapse graph to measure the trend over time. The tool leaves no option for the users to avoid it.
  5. Sentiment analysis: Above all, the social listening tool even has the potential to track the reputation of the brand over time. It performs this by visualizing and analyzing sentiments in 25 different languages.Be it is English, Russian, German, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Swedish, French, Finnish, and many more, the tool works in different languages to identify different conversations that go around the brand. This helps a lot in bringing results for the businesses.


A social listening tool comes with exciting features and benefits. No matter which tool you choose – Talkwalker, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, etc. all have different features to leverage a business.

Yes, definitely the internet reputation cost will vary upon different tools you use. For example, if you choose Google Analytics it is absolutely free of cost. While for Hootsuite and other tools you have to pay a premium to gain more benefits.

So, are you ready to pick one of the best social media management tools? Selecting the best is important when you are serious about managing your social media accounts and brand activities. A simple mistake can lead your business to a great failure in the end.

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