Why do we need covid cleaning services now more than ever?

Covid cleaning practices are now drawing a lot of awareness from people all around the world and thus the disinfection services are moving in high demand. It has become extremely crucial given the situation that is going on around in the world at present. This pandemic has questioned the regular hygiene of our premises that we had earlier and has changed the way we see cleaning forever. Although the sanitization and disinfection routines have been in practice among us for many years. They’ve never been seen as serious as to what they are being seen now.

Covid cleaning usually involves the following three processes: basic cleaning routine, sanitization, and complete premises disinfection. The basic cleaning routine involves the usual day-to-day cleaning processes like vacuuming, brooming, and mopping to remove the surface-level dust particles. The disinfection process comes at the next level. Where all the germs including infectious bacteria and viruses are killed with specialized organic or chemical formulations. The last level is sanitization which is performed to cover all the frequent-touch prone surfaces. With a protective shield to make these areas accessible for the next person to use without any fear of contamination.

3 reasons for opting for covid cleaning services right now:

The demand and the steady cost growth:

As months pass by without any concrete solution for the ongoing pandemic yet, almost every business is focusing to secure their premises thoroughly. Hence, coronavirus cleaning services are being increasingly availed from experienced cleaning companies.

As the influx of clients who need these cleaning services increases. The market demand consistently increases for cleaning supplies. This results in a gradual and yet steady rise in the cleaning cost spent by a business. If you haven’t availed of a disinfection cleaning service yet. It is the right time to do it before it becomes too late where the prices would increase way above the budget you have in mind.

To make your premises germs-free:

The lockdowns are imposed by the governments at a dwindling phase with unpredictable regulations, limitations, and relaxations in accordance with the international regulations. If you want to keep your employees after you open up your business premises for operations. It is important that you shield your premises from all the harmful viruses from every last corner. And, this gets even more critical when it comes to medical center cleaning since the foot traffic of infected patients are so high in these wards.

To have assured safety measures for your employees:

Pitching yourself as a thoughtful leader in your expert field is vital if you are aiming to be in it for many years. Hence you need to be thinking of making sure that your potential prospects or your clients feel safe. They visit you for any meetings or project closings. With the right covid cleaning company in place, you can achieve this in no time. Also, your employees are going to spend most of their time working at your premises. The vibe that you developed around your environment will impact their productivity levels for sure. If your premises are maintained with proper hygiene, it will lower the number of sick days of your employees. If you have a better ambiance, the employees stay motivated to wear a positive attitude up their sleeve and do their work much effectively.

The covid cleaning checklist you should have at your premises:

Well-organized action plan:

The ideal way to start any tedious task is to have an action plan prepared in a very clear and organized fashion. Having a clearly directed route for your coronavirus cleaning routine could save you a lot of time and extra effort. This would reduce the repetition of the efforts taken, the number of possible corners which might be left unnoticed, among others. An action plan typically has the top layer as preparatory works which will contain a summary of what your cleaners are set to achieve. 

Areas to focus on:

After prepared a plan of action, now is the time to start noting down the list of places, things, and elements that will need cleaning, disinfection, or sanitization in your premises. With the degree of effort that it takes to complete the task. Usually, in any premises, floors, carpets, tiles, platforms, walls, gadgets need to be cleaned from time to time with disinfectants. It would also include your round-about elements such as your tabletops, countertops, window blinds, etc. 

Equipment and supplies required:

There will be nearly thousands of equipment available in the market that can help you with your coronavirus cleaning. Sailing through them to find the best one for your premises is not as easy as you think unless you have the right expertise or industrial experience. These pieces of equipment also come at huge capital costs along with the need for frequent updates, upgrades, and repair costs. It might increase your overall budget for coronavirus cleaning drastically. At the same time, cleaning supplies and types of equipment need to be carefully chosen. You don’t want to use the toxic chemically intense one but rather choose organic and green supplies for your corona cleaning routine. This way you can avoid developing any rashes, infections, allergies among your employees. 

Why do you need an expert cleaning service? 

Deep cleaning and disinfection cleaning routines are meant to be performed by professionals who have expertise in the field. Even the smallest of inexperience could result in ending up your business in a lawsuit. By having professional cleaning experts at your place you can simply sit back to watch the magic happen. 

Here’s how an expert covid cleaning service might help you:

Comprehensive coverage:

Covid cleaning practices are very sensitive in their nature and even one section left uncleaned could potentially invalidate.  Your whole cleaning efforts and put your premises at risk since the virus is of an extremely contagious nature. An expert professional like JBN Cleaning would offer you a complete plan that would cover every nook and corner in your premises with complete protection.

Turn-around times and timely reminders:

If you hire a JBN Cleaning professional, they will take care of your premises very carefully, be it coming to your place for a prior inspection, finishing the work on fixed deadlines, following strict timelines, or reminding you in advance when your next cleaning is due, etc. What matters the most is your happiness and seamless adaptation to our processes.

Processes and procedures:

A professional coronavirus cleaning company would always like to go with green cleaning alternatives which are so much safer than going for chemical supplies. In addition to protecting your environment, it also helps in retaining a clean vibe. In our premises without leaving behind any potential irritants or bad smells to make a nice environment too.

We will always make sure to stick to the standard protocols. We are globally approved by international bodies to ensure that the procedures so we follow are meeting the guidelines.

Compensation policies:

Professional covid cleaning services will have third-party liability insurance or workers’ compensation schemes in hand to make sure. You are safe from the corona virus and make free worries. We would strive to make it completely self-sufficient that requires very little or no intervention from your side. Our professionals at JBN Cleaning are waiting to make your premises coronavirus free. Hurry yourself to get in touch with us to get a free quote after a thorough on-site inspection today!

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