Why do people, or generally women, wear earrings?

Have you ever wondered why we wear jewellery, particularly earrings? That is because they add a great finishing touch to your look without having to add more clothing to your look. Earrings are the most popular finishing touch as they are close to your face and make everybody look much better and put together. Earrings can completely change your image. You can emphasise your outfit, skin tone, or face shape by beautiful earrings.

●    Why Do People Wear Earrings?

Earrings are the perfect accessory for people of all ages, not only women. Women love earrings because they increase the feeling of femininity and beauty. Earrings date back all the way back hundreds of years. But what people don’t realise is that they began as a male accessory in the first place. As time went on, earrings have become a women’s trend, but it is now becoming popular again amongst men.

Beauty Enhancement

As we all know, people wear earrings because of many different reasons. But what is the sole purpose of earrings? The sole purpose of wearing earrings is to enhance your beauty. By picking the perfect pair of earrings you are enhancing your look. Also, you can make yourself look more elegant and put together. They are also a great way to incorporate a pop of colour. With earrings, you will be able to make any outfit look stunning. They are an accessory that will never go out of style and they will always look fashionable and trendy. But you want to make sure that they will suit your personality and age.

Cultural Ritual

Aside from its aesthetic purposes, there are cultural and religious rituals that go with it. There are some people who will wear earrings for superstitious reasons. Others will wear earrings because they are a part of their cultural norm. Some cultures will consider earring a necessary thing for women to wear. That is because the earrings will define the aura of the woman who is wearing them. In some countries and regions women wear earrings as a sign that they are not single.

Superstitious Beliefs

Even though many people wear earrings because they like the look of them or because of cultural reasons, some will wear them because of their superstitious beliefs. Back in the day, people thought that they were good with evil spirits as well as evil eyes so by wearing earrings you were basically wearing good luck charms. One of the main superstitious beliefs is that they were protecting sailors from drowning.

Religious Reasons

Just like the cultural rituals, people wear hearing because of religious reasons. In some religions, gold earrings will define a woman. They will also add charm to a woman and it will be a sign of her straight as well as her femininity.

A Status Symbol

Another interesting thing is that women wear earrings to show their status symbol. Some people wear diamond or gold earrings every day to portray class and their status symbol. Diamond designs will symbolise power while pearl earrings are a shining of their high social standing. That is why queens often use pearl earrings.

It Is A Pain-free Piercing

As most know, piercings can be quite painful. But earrings are the least painful piercings as they are located on your earlobes where you have fewer nerve endings compared to other body parts. Many people don’t get piercings because they are too afraid of the pain that comes along with it. So, they opt for a simple earlobe piercing that doesn’t hurt at all. But just like any piercing, it needs to be taken care of properly in order not to get infected.

●    Wearing Earrings for Scientific Reasons

There are also people who will wear earrings for scientific reasons. Yes, they are not only pretty, but they also come with some health benefits. It is one of the things not a lot of people will actually consider as they are unaware of all the health benefits that can get from an ear piercing.

People Can Benefit from Vision Ailment

Something that comes as a surprise to a lot of people is that piercing can help you health-wise. Getting your ears pierced can help with deteriorating eyesight. When you are piercing your earlobe, you will activate the pressure points that are linked to your vision. Therefore, by activating the pressure points you will be making your vision better.

It Will Increase Your Immunity

As we have mentioned above, the central part of your earlobe has a lot of pressure points, one of them is also linked to your immunity. It is known to get rid of negative energy from your body which is boosting your immune system and making you healthier.

You Can Experience Enhanced Vitality

It has been proven by multiple studies that your left side is directly linked to your reproductive organs and their health. So having a piercing on the left side of your ear can enhance your reproductive capabilities as well as ensure their health.

Therapeutic Properties of Gemstones

As we all know gemstones are valuable and precious. But they are also known to have healing powers. When you have earrings that are made out of gemstones, they can give you healing benefits as well as spiritual ones. There has been proof that gemstones were used to heal people even since ancient civilisations.

●    Reasons Why People Choose Not to Wear Them

As you can see there are so many advantages that you can have when you are wearing earrings, but there are some reasons why people choose not to wear them.

Piercings Can Cause Infections

Just like having anything done to your body, piercings can get infected if you don’t take care of it properly. When it comes to ear piercings you will need to make sure that you are taking care of your hygiene and that you are keeping the holes clean and germ-free. Another very important thing is that you do it at a professional piercing parlour so you don’t get any infections as well as diseases.

Lack of Acceptance

While in some cultures ear piercings are a sign of your status and people has accepted this fact, still some people don’t understand that. Places such as your workplace or schools will not allow people to have any form of body modifications including ear lobe piercings. It is the most common dress code rule when it comes to schools as strict workspaces. So, people just opt not to get them done in case they have to take them out before they heal.

Risk of Getting Ripped

One of the most common concerns and risks with any pricings is that they can easily get caught on something and get ripped out of your ear. That will cause pain and even damage your earlobe. It is something that you need to keep in mind when you are getting it done as it will be very uncomfortable and it can lead to infections.

As you can tell, there aren’t many reasons why you just shouldn’t pierce your ears and warning some fancy earrings. Always make sure that you are doing things that you are comfortable with, never get a piercing because someone is pressuring you to do it or because you are blindly following a trend.

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