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Why Celebrities Talks About Hijama Therapy

Why Celebrities Are Talking About Cupping Therapy

Cupping is also known as Hijama therapy, Cupping therapy is a practice which is using since old-ages and now become the most popular among celebrities.

In Olympic winning, Michael Phelps tells about the hailing many benefits of the alternate healing methodology. Hijama therapy is the best therapy to look ageless and to get rid of the aches and pains it’s also a relaxing session.

According to the customer who has done Hijama they said, a Healthy way to heal will help you in making your blood sparks and the circulation around the lymph nodes, heart and stretch out the muscles and tissues. That helps you in dealing with problems such as a chronic disease like muscle pain, the flow of blood circulation.

Eventually, helping you in making your skin glow. This process will be completed around 10-15 minutes but promises you with both the benefits short and long as well.

Literally, Cupping therapy or Hijama therapy is also helpful in treating diseases like depression, anxiety, arthritis & blood disorders like anemia.

Some of the benefits of cupping are like, helps in breathing and fertility problems as well. Although there is no scientific support, they work on the basis of detoxification and blood purification.

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Types Of Cupping:

  1. Wet Cupping
  2. Dry Cupping 
  3. Moving Cupping
  1. Wet Cupping:

Wet cupping is a cupping technique in which the cups(rubber cups, plastic cups)are being placed on the surface of the body after making small skin incisions so that the blood will be drawn out or toxins are being removed.

  1. Dry Cupping:

In Dry Cupping, the Therapist will put a flammable substance like alcohol herbs, etc. As the fire goes out cups are being placed on your body upside down. As the air inside cools it will create a vacuum. This will cause your skin to rise and redden as the blood expand the cups are being placed for 3 -4 minutes.

  1. Moving Cupping:

Moving therapy is also know as massage cupping, which is a modern version of cupping in which a rubber pump is used instead of fire to create the suction inside the cup. Sometimes therapists use silicone cups so that can be easily moved from one another place on your skin for a massage.

How Hijama Therapy Works:

The therapist usually places various cups on the surface of the skin, often made of bamboo, glass. The suction effect produced by the cups works by drawing blood to the surface.

This, in turn, promotes sterile inflammation, removing toxins from the meat without causing much injury or pain to the body. Vacuum suction of the cup breaks the various tissues apart, which in turn causes them to tear and leads to a temporary breakdown of white blood cells (WBCs), platelets.

The suction effect draws blood into the skin area under the cup. This saturates the surrounding tissue with fresh blood and promotes the formation of new blood vessels. 

The therapy works in a strange way, as the suction cup leaves red marks behind. However, it is temporary. In fact, curators say that the cup marks left on the skin have an important purpose – the size, shape, and color reflect the amount of “stagnation” or accumulation of cellular waste that the therapy leaves.

While the body suction cups are uses to relieve pain and is regularly used by athletes and sports enthusiasts to relieve pain and stiffness, another form of a suction cup that is very popular is the facial suction cup.

By placing small vacuum cleaners on the face, restores the good blood supply to the face and eliminates the usual symptoms of tiredness, swelling, and sagging skin.

It also helps with skin regeneration as we age, because the increased blood supply increases the production of collagen on the surface and renews the skin, making you look young, firm, and smooth.

Benefits of Cupping:

  1. Relief In Pain through Hijama:

Cupping can relieve arthritis, lower back pain, and so on. Pain due to. Different types of pain that we can treat with cupping include headache, migraine, muscle pain, etc.

In the case of arthritis, cupping occurs with the affected joints. Cupping increases blood circulation and mobility, making it an effective treatment for conditions such as rheumatism, lumbago, neck stiffness, and shoulder.

  1. Hijama Helps to Get Rid of the chronic syndrome:

In our fast-paced world, there is a time for rejuvenation and rest. If we find time to take rest physically we are loaded with mental and digital destruction like Mobile, laptops, TV, etc.

And in the end, these habits will lead us to chronic fatigue syndrome. Which will form long-term fatigue. Cupping/Hijama is one of the best effective techniques for this kind of condition.

  1. Hijama Helps In Relief In Lung Disease:

Cupping therapy is the best way to treatment of lung diseases like chronic cough, asthma, etc.

  1. HIjama Makes Skin Healthy:

Generally, your skin directly shows what is happening inside your body. Cupping increases the blood flow of the skin and thereby increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients which requires for healthy skin.

It is also useful for reducing the recurrence of acne and other skin diseases such as eczema, cellulite, etc. Cupping therapy also helps dilate blood vessels to facilitate blood flow and remove toxic substances from the surface of the skin.

  1. Hijama Helps in Digestive Problems:

Cupping therapy also helps in relieving digestive problems which mostly causes due to chronic stress like, Depression, malnutrition, or immune system response.

  1. HIjama Helps in Urinary problems:

Cupping therapy is also using in the treatment of urinary, kidney stone, urine retention. By applying the cups to the lumbar region urine retention can be treated.

  1. Hijama Helps You In Relaxation:

Cupping therapy also acts like a massage which gives you relaxation. The energy and the flow of the blood created due to cupping therapy is a good form of relaxation.

  1. Healing Through Hijama:

Using cupping therapy can increase the flow of the blood to the specific areas which need healing. Increasing blood and energy flow leads to healing faster. Cupping therapy has been a great experience for most people.

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