Why Buying a Two-Wheeler is the Need of the Hour?

The pandemic has altered the way we live. From working from home to avoiding public places and maintaining social distancing, things have changed drastically for people. Although, the Government has loosened its restrictions on public transport, many are still wary of using them as a means to commute. In such a case, buying a two-wheeler seems like the ideal thing to do.

Moreover, commuting to work during the peak hours can still be unsafe as the pandemic is far from over. Additionally, you can easily navigate your way through in a two-wheeler in case there is a traffic jam. This is one of the many reasons why people consider buying a two-wheeler a better option. Today, you have the option of getting a zero down payment bike loan. It is an apt solution for people, who cannot shell out a lot of money at one go.

Hence, in case you are still in two-minds about buying a bike, here are a few reasons which will convince you to get one.

• Safety – Although the lockdown has been lifted, the pandemic is far from over. Hence, the risk of getting infected from the virus still looms large. So, for your own safety, it is important to maintain social distancing while commuting and avoiding public transports altogether. A two-wheeler can help you in this case.

• Reliability- Having own mode of transport is necessary these days. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, nobody expected the lockdown to last this long in this country. However, it did happen, and people realised how important it is to have a reliable mode of transport. Whether it is to go out to get groceries or seek emergency medical assistance, a two-wheeler is actually a reliable option.

• Mileage- The price of petrol and diesel is rising with every passing day. Also, a car can never give you the mileage that a two-wheeler can offer. Hence, opting for a bike over a car is a better option in case you wish to save some money.

• Convenience- Everybody knows that a bike is more convenient than a car. It can be parked easily, it can manoeuvre through a busy road easily, and it is also much lighter and easier to ride than a car.

• Affordability- A good car can cost a lot of money for anyone today. But with a reliable zero down payment bike loan, getting a two-wheeler can get easier. A bike is undeniably a much more affordable option for anyone looking for personal vehicle.

To conclude

Riding a bike is part of a culture in the smaller cities in India. For example, in Pune, or in Mapusa, even women can be seen riding a scooter. A two-wheeler is not only an essential mode of transport in India but also a reliable way of commuting. So, if you are still thinking about buying a bike, this is the right time to do so! Go ahead, get your favourite two-wheeler today.

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