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Why Android Application Development is Your Best Option?

One of the statistics I noticed during my recent research on the web was that in the first quarter of 2019, the mobile app generated revenue of $ 39.7 billion. It was huge for that year but it looks smaller over the next two years. Now there are two major platforms for Mobile Apps, Android and iOS. In addition to these major platforms, there are a few more like Ubuntu, windows, java etc. mobile platforms but their market share is negligible.

So let’s focus on the major players for now. And when we compare iOS Application development with Android Application development, then Android App development will be more beneficial in many ways.

Whether it is for business or to generate income Android App development is the best option. It takes less investment, having a wider user base, requires less development fee, and publishing the app on the app store is comparatively easy.

Android is an open-source operating system and features a simplified development process that helped it to create a colossal user base. Because of its popularity and accessibility, various companies have used this ecosystem and created custom mobile apps for them that could solve a particular problem of the customer. By doing this, they also increased their business value to another level.

Why is Android Application Development the Best option?

As stated above the main reason for the popularity of Android is that the development of the app has become very easy and it has also yielded a good solution to the problems in terms of apps. But there are a few more reasons that make it the best and the perfect option.

#1. Open Source

Android is an open-source mobile operating system based on a transformed version of the Linux kernel and some other open-source software integration. It was designed primarily for Cameras, smartphones, and tablets. This technology framework offered by the Android community. Android creates a way for developers to communicate with the Android application development community.

Android provides a fast and easy app development environment and process, And due to it android attracts handset manufacturers and wireless operators more. Its Open Source environment also makes a developer learn fast and create better opportunities for them. Beginners also choose it because it doesn’t require a big investment to learn and start working on it.

#2. Easy Adoption

Adoption is easier in the Android Application Development Process. Android has a vibrant set of libraries and scripts in javascript. Which makes the development process easier and allows anyone to learn and build Android Application with the basic knowledge of Java.

Most of the developers find app development for Android OS with Java language hassle-free because of the easy to adopt and scripting for it is also very easy. The transaction of code script is also loved by developers and development companies, whether it is for their own business or they are providing Android app development services to their clients.

#3. Easy Integration

Nowadays people want to do every process in one environment. For example, if they are ordering something from an eCommerce website, they expect every single service from order confirmation to receive a response from the same eCommerce site. That’s why developers and development companies choose Android as the best and easier option.

Therefore, when there are so many options available then it is necessary for android app developers to utilize all the available features, functions and options to customize your android app and make it user-friendly to communicate with customers easily. It will increase your brand reach and popularity and possibly revenue. Thus if you are looking for achieving all develop an Android app.

#4. Higher ROI on Investment

Android Development is the most cost-effective development platform for developing mobile applications. It requires very low investment, compared to other development platforms, and due to lower investment, it results in higher ROI compared to others.

Android has the biggest user base, that will provide exposure to your business, better reach means better business growth. Developers can get a free Software Development Kit (SDK) which is also a major reason behind a minimum development cost.

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Additionally, the Android app development cost depends on the following things:

  • Android App Development Cost
  • Testing Cost
  • Hardware Cost
  • Time taken

#5. Multiple Sale Channel

Android provides several ways to process the deployment for your application. So, you do not need to depend on any single market to release and distribute your app. You also have the option to utilize third-party app stores, but it allows you to create your own distribution and sales channels.
To utilize the large user base and reach the targeted audience, you need to use the digital marketing or promotional strategy. This extra effort will keep you always ahead of your competitors. Means better results and better revenue.

5 Things you should focus on while Developing Android Application

Both the Android OS and development platform are versatile and require very low investment, but developers are responsible to utilize everything in the most suitable way.

There are a few things you should focus on:

#.1 Focus on UI/UX

Keep UI/UX as simple as possible, keep your app easy to understand and easy to use. You can also utilize modern-day design standards to make it attractive and engaging. Android Development provides lots of room for customization of the UI/UX of the android app so utilize the best resources.

#2. Research before development

To develop the best possible app for your company or your client, make sure to do complete research of the field and target audience. It will provide you with the market app standard and also about what is relevant to keep in the app. What people want and when they want are the two important questions and answers of the both will make your app success.

#3. Features

Whether you are an experienced developer or not make sure to take a look at the competitor’s app and find out what they are providing, features people love, and also the app reviews. It will clear the vision and tell you about the features people want and what extra you can offer in your app. Thus if you are looking for achieving all, hire expert android app developer India. They will take care of everything as the current market and app development trends. They will also add additional features if required..

#4. Future Scope

There are millions of apps on the play store, so what unique you are providing in your app? You need to make sure that your app remains successful for a longer period. Now you will ask how to do that? You can keep your app up-to-date with the latest standards. You also have to think about the future scope of your app and according to the observation, take strict decisions and develop your app.

#5. Scalability

Just think for a few seconds before choosing the cloud storage plan and other factors. Choose platforms that offer scalability if required in the future. Yes, we understand that not all apps achieve their goals, but underestimating the power and success is not a good thing for your app and also for your business too.

Android Application Development is your best option because it is easy to set up, easy to use, requires low investment and also has all the functions and support. You just have to learn about it and utilise all the provided resources.

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