Who Says Pastor Robes Can’t Be Stylish?

Who Says Pastor Robes Can’t Be Stylish?

You might have developed a notion that Pastor Robes, by nature, must express the sternest and severest decorum. While that might be the image you wish to convey with your clergy attire, it by no means is a necessity.

There are times in the year and sermons that fit themselves best to these austere accouterments, to be true. At the same time, there are light, airy sermons that are better suited to the accentuation of a similar levity in decoration.

There are, no doubt, occasions when simply, undecorated clergy vestments and pastor robes by necessity should be worn to front the proper appeal for a sermon or a congregation. For those times, you can find the look you need to accomplish among the pastor robes at Divinity Clergy Wear.

Oftentimes, black has been the predominant shade for vestments because it is a reminder of the secular duties of a priest as well as the sternness an ordained minister should present. At Divinity Clergy Wear, you can find this style well represented in many of their vestments for men and women.

Consider the Anglican Clergy Robe with matching cincture belt that you will find at It is one of their most basic offerings and offers an austere simplicity that is paralleled by similar looks on their site. Take a look also at their Men’s Trinity Clergy Robe & Stole Set in black on black and their Men’s 27 -Button Roman Cassock & Cincture set in black. Any of these selections will make a strong impression on any congregation, if only because of its stern simplicity.

But there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to let your pastor robes reflect the true persona and spirit of your pastors or preachers. There are other times in the year, and other services, that are much better delivered when the light of your pastor is permitted to shine through the office.

In those situations, you may not want to decorate the members of your clergy with stern black and gray colors. In those situations, you may find instead that it is more fitting to array your pastors with bright colors and lavishly decorated pulpit robes to align more seamlessly with the services and orations to be delivered.

Instead of plain robes and vestments, you might want to choose brightly bedecked robes and vestments to frame the natural light of your celebrants. Purple and white are colors commonly associated with the clergy, with white representing the purity of divine love and purple inextricably linked to the bishops of the Anglican church (and the Phoenician royalty of old), although it is used elsewhere. Divinity Clergy Wear’s Men’s Paul Clergy Robe & Stole in white and purple is a beautiful admixture of these two colorful elements in wonderfully accented set of pastor robes that takes full advantage of the import of both colors.

Another excellent offering is Divinity Clergy Wear’s Men’s Joseph Clergy Robe in black and gold. This robes impression is made by the tactful inclusion of bright gold embroidery along the front and cuffs of the robes. The fact that the canvas for such art is a set of plain black robes somewhat deepens the effect.

Divinity Clergy Wear’s collection of Men’s Adam Clergy Robes offers a range of options for the discerning pastor. This particular style of robe is available from Divinity Clergy Wear in a suite of color combinations so that you can suit the robes to the occasion. Black & gold, burgundy & silver, and purple & white are only some options from which you’ll be able to choose if this style of robe catches your eye.

Regardless of the particular style that you wish to capture in your pastor robes, you can find it right at They offer all of these styles and many more right on their site, so be sure to check it out – and if you have any questions give them a call at 877-453-3535.

For more information about Cassock Robes and Clergy Vestments Please visit: Divinity Clergy Wear.

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