Which Two Methods of Waste Management Are Best for Society?

What is Waste Management?

According to statistics, the United Kingdom produced around 37 million tonnes of waste in 2018. England was held responsible for producing almost 80 to 90 % of this waste. Researchers and environmentalists across the world are constantly working on devising solutions for waste management. But the question here is what waste management is?

In simple words, waste management is a system of collection, transportation, disposal of waste products. There are several methods through which we can manage waste. It also involves the processing of solid and liquid waste. These processes include sorting, recycling, incinerating, composting, landfilling, etc.

Many developed countries in the world have different types of solid waste management plans. However, developing countries are still struggling with waste management and pollution controls. With the increase in population and living standards every year, the amount of waste is increased too. This increase in waste production is a threat to the global environment and climate change. Hence, we need to devise effective solutions for waste disposal and waste management.

Several methods contribute to waste management. Some of the most effective ones are:

  1. Source Reduction
  2. Recycling
  3. Composting
  4. Landfilling
  5. Incineration
  6. Waste to Energy
  7. Bioremediation
  8. Plasma Gratification

Some of them can be made possible on a small scale while others can only be implemented on industrial levels. Those which can be helpful for society are:

  1. Recover and Recycle
  2. Composting

Recover and Recycle

The most beneficial method of waste management is recovering and recycling. It not just helps the environment but also provides several economic benefits to society. Recycling helps to produce something at a lower cost since the manufacturing process does not have to be started from scratch. It consumes less amount of energy and is prepared in less time as compared to the products started from scratch.

Paper, cardboard, glass, and plastics are some of the recyclable materials. However, everyone can play their role in using products that can be completely recycled and reprocessed. To manage our household waste, we can look for mini skip hire services in our area. Storing and collecting waste materials in a skip can promote recycling. This stuff is taken to the sorting center, where things get sorted and are transported to respective recycling plants.


Another easy and simple method of waste management is composting. Every household produces several kilograms of kitchen waste every day. We can set up compost bins in our community or our backyard to collect this waste and turn it into compost.

This way, we can not just manage our waste but also turn it into something useful. Compost is the most nutritious food a plant requires. Anyone who has plants at their home or love to grow their food knows the importance of compost.

Composting is a lengthy process. However, it is one of the easiest and cheapest methods for managing waste.

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