Which Supplement Is Best For Your Dog 

When it comes to shopping we may think we have it down to a fine art, and to be fair there are plenty of people who do shopping for a career, take 50% of YouTube for instance, but does this make you an expert in the products themselves?

Sure, picking up multiple items that go well together or taste great combined can be, essentially, done by almost anyone, but if these ‘professional shoppers’ are looking to give advice and recommendations wouldn’t they ideally need to know the ins and outs of the ingredients and manufacturing processes?

Do we trust them to have the important information, are they well-versed in the product line, and if not, what can we do about it? Simple, you need to do your own extensive research so that you not only have peace of mind but the consequences are yours to bear. Even more so with your pup’s health and wellness in mind, am I right?

Your dog deserves to have products that have been tried and tested, records and results written down, and that have been proven successful for a legitimate time. Let’s dive into the thick of it.

Supplements and what to look for.

If you walk into a pet shop and browse the vitamins and multi-nutrient products lined up on the shelves like soldiers you will be overwhelmed, the variety seems endless and feeling daunted is an understatement when it comes to knowing which is better than the next. Not to mention trying to decipher the ingredients label with each name more than 10 letters long, do you really want to give your furball something of which you can’t pronounce the name, I doubt it.

And you are not alone in this thinking, many pet owners feel strongly about knowing every detail there is to see when it comes to their dog. Take a moment to read an interesting article on the topic here and have a better foresight to know what to look for, be aware of, and ensure on.

Ideally, you want a product that states its source of origin that way you can trace their harvesting and hopefully ethically growing processes. Using an all-natural product like the ones with CBD which are shown to be extremely popular due to its phenomenal health benefits is certainly a step in the right direction and positive addition to your puppies’ diet.

CBD, known as Cannabidiol, is a plant compound derived from the Hemp plant but without the negative THC element. THC is used, like marijuana, for recreational purposes and it gives users a euphoric high and a psychoactive experience, not something you want for your pet.

So you may have thought to yourself at one point is there a necessity of adding supplements to your dog’s diet, do they work, or is it another brand sales pitch looking to get the masses hypnotized. Well having read the success stories pouring in daily, CBD-infused products are the new alternative to traditional or man-made prescriptions, no longer are chemical-filled medicines the only option.

Some of the top positive points supplements offer when implemented into your pet’s meal plan.

  • CBD tests have shown that it has an altering effect on the brain’s receptors and its response to the mental health link, serotonin. Because of this it significantly reduces the stress and anxiety reactions they would normally suffer in a traumatic situation and thus reduces heart attacks or at least an elevated heart rate.
  • This is one of the main appeal factors why canine owners opt for a more natural product. Prescription pain medication not only costs a lot but only mutes the issue rather than getting to the root of it and eliminating it. CBD for dogs reduces the build-up in the joints and cartilage which causes inflammation and then leads to pain.

Manufacturers and companies who have your pet’s best interest in mind will be proud of their product and have no issues answering any questions or queries. Business websites will most likely have all the information you need but if anything raises a red flag don’t be afraid to ask, or, look somewhere else to be safe.

  • Skin conditions. Allergies, playing outside, and dog hygiene, in general, all play a role in their skin and the condition it maintains. Scratching due to ticks or fleas can cause scabs to form and if it persists could lead to bald spots. Supplements help provide all the nutrients for a well-balanced body and thus the skin, it supports in preventing dry spots, allergic reactions, or illness.

Of course, like with any new venture you may still be on the fence when it comes to decision time, and this is perfectly normal and ok, take your time. While you have your feet up with your cup of tea take a moment to click here to read a different perspective on the subject, and if you are not ready then sleep on it for a few weeks.

You may feel that you are doing everything to give your pet a balanced diet, or you are not financially comfortable yet to take on another expense, either way, you have the information to do so when the time feels right.

Natural products are here to stay and if they can help your furry family member without the need for preservatives or growth hormones then what have you got to lose?

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