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Which One to Choose? Wedding Bands, Ring Guards or Eternity Rings

Choosing the correct wedding jewelry can be difficult for couples today as there are many options available to choose from. There are so much information and so many factors to consider that choosing wedding rings can become difficult. The main choices available are gold wedding bands, ring guards, and infinity bands. Before you go for either one of these, you should consider and compare your options very carefully. Remember that a wedding ring is something that you and your spouse will have to wear all your lives.

Diamond Wedding Bands for Women

So, it would help if you did your due diligence before settling on a single type. Here is some valuable information that will help you decide between the various types of wedding rings available. 

  1. Matching Wedding Rings

When you are selecting wedding rings, you need to keep in mind that you will be wearing this every day for the rest of your lives. That is why you should pick a design that is simple, elegant, and durable. Durability is one of the significant factors to consider when you buy wedding rings. A lot of people also purchase wedding bands that complement the design of the engagement ring. If you want, you and your partner could also opt for unique matching wedding bands. You could get a pair of rings that are similar in design and shape. It would be a lovely way to symbolize the love, devotion, and admiration you hold for each other.

Halo Diamond Wedding Rings

However, the style of the ring should reflect the personality of you both as a couple. An alternative you can look into is contrasting wedding rings, where both the rings are in stark contrast to each other. If you and your spouse would prefer this yin-yang combination, you should go for it. Minimalist designs are trendy now and have always been a classy and elegant design choice. You could look into that as well. 

  1. Ring Guards

Ring guards are jewelry pieces meant to be paired with solitaire wedding rings or diamond wedding rings to protect them from wear and tear. These guards get created and designed in such a way that they enhance the brightness of the solitaire ring. They are generally specially designed and sold as part of a set with the solitaire rings. Each ring guard brings out and complements the beauty of its corresponding diamond/solitaire ring. However, jewelry stores can also custom-make you a ring guard if your wedding ring set does not include any. Generally, a ring guard protects the solitaire by wrapping around it or stacking itself around the ring. That is why the two most popular types of ring guard designs are Insert Rings and Ring Wraps. 

Ring guards have a very different shape if you compare them to wedding bands and other kinds of rings. They get designed to contour and complement the shape of the circle they are paired with. The ring guard is created, so there is adequate room to house the solitaire ring and the accompanying gemstone. By doing this, they bring out the beauty of the main ring. A ring guard has been traditionally used to protect the main ring from damage or loss. However, they can now be used to pair with existing rings and create a beautiful set of wedding rings. 

  1. Infinity Bands

Another option that you should consider is infinity bands. Infinity bands, aka eternity bands or eternity rings, are rings that symbolize the eternal and undying nature of true love. Eternity rings can be great gifts during wedding milestones or important events. However, they can also be used as wedding rings. Infinity rings usually are slim bands of precious metal that get placed with precious stones all over its circumference.

Personalized Stacking Ring Collection

There is another version available where the stones are only set across half the ring’s circumference. They are called half-eternity rings. The rings themselves are usually made out of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver. Nowadays, a lot of people are going for titanium and palladium versions as well.

Things to know

Infinity bands usually get placed with diamonds. However, you can also find versions set with stones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Eternity bands can be made to hold the rings with the use of metal prongs, channels cut in the ring, or a cobblestone design. These setting designs are claw set, channel set, and pavé set, respectively.

So, this is all the relevant information that you can use to decide what kind of wedding ring to get for your big day. Hopefully, you can be sure of making a meaningful and productive purchase.

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