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Which of these best Prestashop Shipping Addons would you like to invest in?

This comes as no secret that shipping and delivery are two constants of an eCommerce business. However, there are many other aspects too but we will focus on these here. Thus, we will talk about the best Prestashop Shipping Addons in this blog. Yes, these best Prestashop Shipping Addons by Knowband are extremely popular. Further, before talking about these best Prestashop Shipping Addons, let us have a general understanding of shipping and delivery.

Your reputation is essential in eCommerce. When you give a low-quality delivery service, it will negatively influence your credibility. Why? Because customers may express their frustrations on social media. Thus, ensure that you don’t provide a terrible delivery service. Further, because it is more vital than ever. Supposedly, only one client complains about your delivery service. It will discourage others from doing business with you.

In eCommerce firms, customers are the most crucial aspect. Thus, client happiness must be the prime concern in all you do. When it comes to delivering a delivery service, this is no exception. Customers want communication from the start of their journey. This involves providing clear delivery service options on the website and acknowledging orders on screen and by email after purchase. Consumers depend on updates, and this shows them that a corporation is concerned about their product being on time. Consumers may schedule their day around deliveries. Further, having a delivery time window helps guarantee that customers are happy with their experience. Moreover, return to buy with you.

In this blog, let us take a look at the best Prestashop Shipping Addons by Knowband. In fact, these best Prestashop Shipping Addons are worthy for your business. Now, let us take a look at these best Prestashop Shipping Addons below.

The best Prestashop Shipping Addons by Knowband

Prestashop Store Locator and Pick Up addon

The Prestashop Store Locator Module by Knowband is a must-have option. Further, your eCommerce business needs the Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin. Why? To enable the customers to choose the pick-up option instead of delivery on the checkout page. In fact, it allows the admin to provide this feature to the customers. Here, both the admin and customer are winners. Why? Because the admin saves the shipping charges and the customer saves the delivery charges. In fact, the customer can simply pick up the ordered product from a nearby physical store.

Further, with the location of the physical store, the Prestashop store pick up plugin also displays other information. For instance, the name of the store, the distance from the customer’s location, the contact details, and more. Thus, now is the time to invest in the Prestashop pick-up module by Knowband.

  • It is extremely easy to install, configure, and offer the functionality of the Prestashop store pickup module.
  • The admin of the PrestaShop shop locator and pickup plugin may specify an image. Further, a Google map marker and the map’s zoom level.
  • With the plugin, the admin can display the distance in miles or kilometers.
  • With the ‘Get Directions’ link, the customers can find the directions to the storefront.
  • While incorporating in-store pickup capabilities, the Prestashop store pickup module allows the store admin to impose national limitations.
  • The date calendar for order pickup can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.
  • The date and time format can be customized by the administrator.
  • From the admin interface of this Prestashop related product extension, the admin may activate the settings to display the pick-up time slot.
  • After making an order, the admin can set the minimum wait time.

Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode Addon

The Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode module is the next option on the list. Further, the Prestashop Product Availability allows the customers to enter their zip code in the checkbox. In fact, this way they know if the product is deliverable in their area or not. Thus, Prestashop Zipcode is a helpful plugin. In fact, it raises the happiness quotient of the customers. How? By revealing them if they should go-ahead to the checkout page. If this step is omitted, there are chances that the customer gets irritated with all the hard work. Further, only to find out that he/she cannot buy this product.

  • The Prestashop Product Postal Code Validator helps in reducing the abandoned cart rate of your website. It has numerous features that come together to build its reputation. Find them below.
  • Easy display of checkbox popup on the homepage.
  • The Prestashop zipcode addon allows shop administrators to bulk upload zip codes. Further, via CSV or manually add zip codes.
  • The items are mappable to the zones by the shop administrator. In reality, items that have been mapped to zones will only be offered in that zone.
  • The shop administrator ostensibly does not want this Availability Check by Zipcode option to be visible on certain goods. In fact, he may also add these items to the module’s Disable products list from the backend.
  • For example, the product may not be accessible in a certain place. Furthermore, the item will not be accessible for purchase. In addition, if the ‘Check Cart’ feature is activated in the back office.

Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode addon

Shop keepers may establish multiple zip codes for different zones and countries in PrestaShop. Store owners may set various delivery charges for different countries without having to use any coding. Installing and configuring it in the store is a breeze. Prestashop is extremely useful for eCommerce retailers that wish to ship their items all over the world. The business owners just need to input the country’s zone and, more importantly, the zip codes. After that, all the business owners have to do is allocate the shipping costs for each zone. permits business owners to assign distinct zip codes to various zones and nations.

  • Prestashop Shipping Cost by Postal Code is simple to set up and customize for business owners. To distribute the shipping costs for different zones, no programming skills are needful.
  • Depending on freight and other carrier expenses, business owners can determine delivery fees for different locations.
  • Following the selection of a certain zone, store owners may also provide a range of zip codes. As a result, the zone may be divided into zip codes, allowing business owners to charge varying amounts for different zip codes.
  • The business owner can also create and customize the terms and conditions for carrier alternatives.
  • The shipping charge will compute automatically after successful installation and configuration. Further, based on the pin code given by the clients.
  • Store owners can also limit delivery to specific geographic areas.

Prestashop preferred delivery time module

The last option on the list of best Prestashop Shipping Addons is the Prestashop prefer delivery time module. Furthermore, this allows for the transformation of certain perplexing scenarios. Furthermore, in which clients are expected to receive the conveyance on a preset day and time allotment, as it were. In fact, the Prestashop prefer delivery date and time Module, the store manager has a significant advantage. Further, over competitors who don’t have it. So, what does the Prestashop Preferred Delivery Time Addon do? It permits owners to add functionality to their Checkout page. Further, that allows consumers to choose their preferred delivery date and time. Both shoppers and business owners benefit from the win-win arrangement.

  • Prestashop’s preferred delivery time feature allows online shoppers to choose their desired delivery date and time during the checkout process.
  • Customers receive a schedule to choose their preferred delivery date. The calendar is now available in all languages in the revised edition.
  • The administrator can designate certain days of the week as “Delivery not available on certain days.”
  • Throughout certain times, the delivery service will be unavailable.
  • To relate to the delivery date and time module, the online store admin can set the date format from the Prestashop admin interface.
  • Highly customizable email layout for personalizing emails delivered to consumers.

In the End

These are the best Prestashop Shipping Addons by Knowband that you should know about. In fact, there are numerous benefits of these best Prestashop Shipping Addons. Further, do you want to know more about these best Prestashop Shipping Addons? Take a look at them at the Knowband store. Hence, if you want to ask us anything, let us know at

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