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Which LED Fixtures is Best Fit for You?

LED lights have quickly been the most popular and widely used light fixtures for both at home use and commercial use. Although they are at least three other commonly used lighting sources that are easily accessible, many companies and people are starting to make the switch to strictly LED lighting fixtures due to the many benefits these types of lights provide.

It’s also important to distinguish between the differences and functionalities of LED fixtures because there are many different types that each serve a specific purpose. First, let’s get into the actual benefits of LED lighting, and why you should consider making the switch for your home or business.

What are LED Lights?

The acronym LED stands for light emitting diode. This means that electrical currents run through a small microchip, which therefore illuminates the actual LEDs, which omit the light that lights up a room.

The main benefit and reason that so many people are switching to LEDs are because of how energy efficient these light fixtures are. According to Energy Star, compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs, LEDs produce light 90% more efficiently. That’s a crazy difference. Although they might be a bit more expensive, they will ultimately pay for themselves because of how long they last due to their efficiency.

Other than their energy-saving abilities, they are very small in size compared to other lighting sources such as fluorescent bulbs or incandescent, which makes it easier to apply them to all different types of lighting fixtures. Whether it’s a basic light fixture designed for an office space or a unique and stylish light fixture meant to be used in the home, LED bulbs can be installed in most situations.

So now, let’s break down some of those different options that LEDs can be applied to.

LEDs in Different Light Fixtures

1. LED High Bay
This type of lighting focuses the light more directly which then creates a longer range of highly powerful illumination. This light fixture is most commonly used in industrial and commercial settings because of those factors.

2. LED Wall Pack
LED wall pack lights are most widely used for the purpose of being mounted on walls of buildings or structures. Typically, if you’ve walk down a city sidewalk or are trying to find your car in a parking garage, then you’ve seen these types of LED fixtures.

3. LED Panel Lights
Since LEDs are becoming a more popular choice for lighting fixtures, they can now replace incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights. So, they now have the ability to be placed into these panels that can diffuse the harsh light of an LED, and illuminate larger spaces.

4. LED Ceiling Lights
Now, this method of lighting can be commonly found and used in a residential home. This is because of the small sizes they can be designed as, which makes a great addition to the ceilings in the kitchen or the living room. These fixtures can also be used in office spaces, hospitals, hotels, and airports. They are highly versatile.

Where You Can Find These Light Fixtures

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