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Which Is The Good School In Jaipur For Playgroup To Higher Secondary Education?

A proper education leads you to success in your life so selecting a good school in Jaipur or anywhere in the country is sometimes difficult. Parents wish their children to be smart and focused on their future as they want to see them successful thus schools are a place where they find the right guidance and correct way to walk on. As the roots of education should be strong then only one will get the sweet fruit.

So making a choice for a good school in Jaipur is a very difficult task for a parent but some educational institutions have made it easier for them. One of the good schools in Jaipur which promises the bright future of the children with good education is VSI International School. This good school in Jaipur assures that a student will not only be smart mentally but also physically as they also give them a chance to explore themselves in the extracurricular activities that are held by the school. This particular school is good for the playgroup to higher secondary education because it focuses on a student’s mind from the start and makes them a wise person in the future.

The Process Of Admission in Good School in Jaipur

good school in Jaipur

The process of admission in a good school in Jaipur is similar as compared to the others but still some certain and major points that one should keep in mind while taking admission in this school. Those are:-

  • The age criteria for the playgroup and nursery students are from 2.6 years and 3 years respectively.
  • One can get an admission form from the reception of the school and when submitting the form the parents or a student should submit their birth certificate and three photographs along with the admission form.
  • The specified registration fee that is neither refundable nor adjustable, should be submitted along with the admission form
  • This registration does not confirm the admission of the student.
  • All the other documents which are required will be advised by the administration staff of this good school in Jaipur.

Extra and Out Of School Activities Provided By The Good School in Jaipur

good school in Jaipur

There are multiple out of school activities that are provided by the good school in Jaipur to the students for their progress and development. Hereunder are the extracurricular activities which are given by the school:-

  • Online Classes:- Now schools have gone on a different dimension by providing face to face classes to the students according to their convenience.
  • Playground:- This good school in Jaipur believes in giving their students a chance to expand themselves physically and the school also holds some sports competition from time to time to keep students active.
  • Smart Classes:- This school also conducts some classes in which the teachers explain theories with the help of visual animations, images, and audios to make their students understand the concept properly.
  • Computer Labs:- Today everyone should know about the advanced technologies and how to use them. That’s why this good school in Jaipur tells their students to work on the computers and understand its uses from the very beginning so that it can help them in the future.
  • Activity Room:- This is a separate room in the school which is used for different activities like dancing, singing, painting, and sometimes for showing a movie to the students that’s also occasionally.
  • Maths Lab:- This is the laboratory where students can understand the formulas with the help of different elements that are placed according to the students’ academic criteria.
  • Safety & Security:- It is the first and foremost duty of the good school in Jaipur to provide security to their students as sometimes students get distracted and choose the wrong sides. This school also ensures parents about the safety of the students during their school hours.
  • Transportation Facilities:- The school provides an A.C. bus service to the students with well-qualified drivers. Also, for the lower wing kids, a maid and an attendant are also present inside the bus along with the driver.

Recognition and Awards

good school in Jaipur

This good school in Jaipur has received the “Emerging School Of The Year” Award from the Former Honorable Education Minister of Rajasthan in 2017. In addition to this, this school has also started an award-giving ceremony for the students to motivate them and also makes the students work hard in achieving these special recognitions. The awards which are given by the school are:-

  • All-rounder student
  • Outstanding student
  • 100% attendance award
  • Highest Scorer
  • Good Monitor

Some other awards and prizes are also given to the students who are the winners of the competitions and tournaments held by the school.

Contact and Location Of Good School in Jaipur

The exact location of the good school in Jaipur is Sec, 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj) 302033. If anyone wishes to enquire about the school then they can call on 9309305656 / 0141-2793080 and also they can drop a mail at

The fee structure of this good school in Jaipur is also affordable and they are providing education to all streams at a reasonable fee. These qualities and potential of the school make this school a prominent, best place for your child to study and take a step towards their shining future.

“ Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” 

– Will Durant

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