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Which Instagram Strategies to Use to Develop a Career?

Two Instagram influencers explain how even professionals working in finance can network on Instagram, regardless of the industry you work in.

In some industries, employers not only review candidates’ social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter before hiring potential employees, but also review their Instagram accounts to learn more about candidates, aside from their resume. Instagram has managed to become a very useful platform for professionals, even though it is not used as much as LinkedIn in the recruiting area.

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Place Your Personal Instagram Account In Your Career

Our digital life and way of working have never been more on visual media than before. That’s why you can take advantage of this to your professional career and gain an advantage for yourself. However, developing your personal brand using photos is only one step of this strategy. Like any other social media platform, Instagram is a very powerful tool that offers you the chance to connect with people in your field who are like-minded or passionate about things like you. In addition, you do not have to be a brand influencer to reach this position.

Here are 5 strategies you should follow to improve your career using Instagram:

Determine the location you want to be

First you need to decide whether the Instagram platform is right for you in your chosen career path and what role it will play in developing your career. Some sectors and positions can benefit more from Instagram than others. If your career is based on aesthetics and visuals such as graphic design, architecture, interior design, marketing and real estate, Instagram becomes a tool with a lot of potential for you.

On the other hand, other sectors that you may not think of at first can effectively maintain their presence on Instagram. Instagram is an effective tool for IT, legal professionals, legal consultants, engineers, and even bankers. Even you can buy Instagram Followers to get more reach and engagement at your content.

Know what content you will be sharing

The next step is to decide what your feed should say about you. This doesn’t just have to be perso What do you want people like the manager or employer who will come to your profile to see about you? What percent of the photos in your feed will show your career, your ideas, what inspired you, the projects you’ve worked on, and what percent will reflect your personal life and likes?

The key strategy for this is to mix and blend the themes of your photos, no matter who you are or what position you work in. In other words, it is to share proportionally together personal photos that will bring you sympathy and career content photos that will effectively reflect your knowledge about your industry.

Connect with other people by commenting

Interact with your target audience. Regardless of the level you work at, you can find people who are interested in the same or similar things as you by following people in your industry that interest you. For example , if you work in the technology industry , go to the Instagram accounts of brands such as Google ,

WeWork or Samsung and communicate with users who like the content shared on these accounts and post comments to them. Compliment those who caught your attention on how thoughtful they are in their comments on photos. If you like these people’s accounts, start following them.

Because all of the hashtags are searchable, you can expand your professional network by finding people with similar interests to you through the use of hashtags. Browse photos on similar hashtags and connect with people who post content on those hashtags.

Share lifestyle photos from time to time.

This is exactly what Instagram trends work for. In short, we are talking about Instagram trends that should be implemented in creating a personal brand. Some people try to be resistant to these trends, and many professionals feel that these trends just don’t suit them. Do not think that way.

This could be a photo of you baking a cake or snowboarding. Have you discovered a new restaurant that you go to on weekends on the street where your house is located? Take a photo of this restaurant, tag its location, share it on Instagram, and spot other users doing the same.

If lifestyle is not very important to your industry, it is recommended to do so. Because people who enjoy a sincere dialogue with their friends while enjoying a nice meal in the restaurant have a very high chance to be in the sector you work in. By applying this strategy, you open the door to people and possibilities that you do not even know exist. All you need is to use these techniques in the right way in order to reap the amazing results.

Use the shout out function to expand your reach

Another great way to develop professional networking on Instagram is the shout out function. Shout out; means another profile tagging your profile and compliment your account. Generally, this strategy is done in the form of a trade, so for another account to shout out to you, that person may first ask you to do the same for him.

Instagram influencers use the shout out functionality much more often than regular users. But remember that this strategy can be used by anyone. Identify accounts with a similar number of followers, backgrounds and interests as you and ask them if they would like to trade shout outs by sending them a private message.

You will be surprised when you see how quickly you have created a network of followers by asking other accounts to shout out for you. Some people just because they share your thoughts or respect your professional expertise. They can even shout out because they like the content and messages you post on your account.

Know when to stop

As with any social network, it is possible to overdo it and see decreasing efficiency in Instagram. If all the efforts you make while trying to connect with your target audience are not working, you should be aware of this. Part of this process is instinctive.

For example, if you’re not too interested in fashion, don’t spend too much time connecting with users on Vogue ‘s Instagram account or #fashionista hashtag. Apart from that, experiment and determine which strategy works.

One of the most beautiful features of social media is that the reactions are instant. So you can see immediately whether other accounts will interact with your posts.

In addition, having a meaningful social audience is another type of networking, as well as an indicator of the power in your ideas and how effective you are in the industry you work in. So professionals with similar ideas and interests can reach you or provide some new exciting opportunities.

Before starting work, brainstorm how you want to position yourself and which audience you want to connect with. Once you have determined what you want to do, how you wish to reflect your account to other users. And which user groups you want to reach, you can start!

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