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Where to Find Hatch Green Chile for Sale near Me

Being familiar with the southwestern part of America, you surely must have come across the famous pepper; Hatch green chile. The Southern Valley in New Mexico is home to this famous pepper, and it is loved all over the country including Texas and California. If you are not from this neighborhood, you may not be familiar with this famous pepper; however, its unique taste makes it a popular choice as an ingredient. Some regions believe that the best source to harvest the green chile is directly from the Hatch Valley in New Mexico.

Going for the Hatch chile festival in New Mexico can be amazing, but you don’t have to live in the southwest region to get the green chiles. You may ask, how do I get the Hatch green chile for sale near me?  Well, it’s very easy because the chiles can be delivered directly to your doorstep, regardless of your location. There are tons of online stores that let you order your favorite chile in minutes. Hatch chiles come in two variations; green and red. This crop is harvested annually, withlate August being the main harvesting season.

Types of Green Chile

You’ll find a range of variety in green chile including the Anaheim, jalapeno and cayenne pepper. But generally, when people use the term green chile, they are referring to the New Mexico pepper which is the Hatch green chile gotten from Hatch Valley in New Mexico. Interestingly, jalapeno pepper is found to be hotter than other varieties of pepper.

One of the major differences among the varieties of chile is their heat.  The heat of the pepper varies, depending on their growing conditions and weather.  Generally, jalapeno peppers are significantly hotter than other green chiles with their heat measurement ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 Scoville units. They measure 5 out of 10 in heats. Even then, they are not considered the hottest chile in the market.

Another distinct difference between chiles is their size. For example, green chiles are large and grow up to 6 inches with a blocky shape. The jalapeno pepper is smaller and grows to about 3 inches. The chile group comes in different colors like green, yellow, and red. Most times when left on the vine, they turn red when ripe.

Uses of Green Chile

The green chile is wildly used across the US for different purposes, and depending on their variations, they can be used for different dishes. The unique benefit of the Hatch chile is its versatility. It can be used for almost any dish. It is great to use with sauces, stews, sautés and dips like salsa, hummus or queso. Some people find chiles a perfect fit to use as topping on pizza or burgers.

Another way it can be used is putting smoked spiced chile in apple pie. The Hatch green chile has great flavor and spice, which makes it a perfect blend for most dishes. Regardless of how much heat you can consume, this variety must be tried at least once in a lifetime!

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