What You Need to Know about Cold Steel Knife Company

What You Need to Know about Cold Steel Knife Company

Whether you are a knife collector, craftsman, hunter or just someone who needs a quality blade for EDC, there is a pretty good chance you’ve heard of Cold Steel Knife Company. As recognizable for its jaunty slogan of “Anytime, Anywhere,” as it is by its rugged knives and tools, Cold Steel has been reliably been producing knives and tools for a variety of purposes that consistently punch above their weight class. Here are some key things you need to know about Cold Steel Knife Company.

The first thing to recognize is that opinions on the marketing of Cold Steel products are pretty polarized, with proponents on either side of the fence of approval. Yet, despite this, Cold Steel knives and tools are some of the toughest tools on the market. They’re not objectively the best, but there’s hardly a metric for that, and there are few tools out there that can match the spirit and rugged quality of a Cold Steel knife.

The second thing to recognize, and one that is more important, is that for the most part, Cold Steel tools are budget friendly but do not compromise on quality. There are very few competitors (if any) that can produce the folding knives, throwing knives, fixed knives and other tools that Cold Steel produces at the same price and at the same level of quality.

There are some truly beautiful cold steel knives and swords out there, but for the most part they are known for their no nonsense high carbon steels (often 1055, 1060 or 1095) as well as their performance stainless steels and budget friendly (and tough as nails) kraton handles. With a Cold Steel tool, most of the time the aim is not to win a beauty pageant but to outlast, outstrip and outperform the competition.

In addition to the fact that Cold Steel produces some of the best performing budget friendly knives and tools out there, they also produce a number of specialized implements for self defense and a variety of martial arts. In any catalog of Cold Steel products you are liable to come across walking sticks, escrimas and push daggers, on top of a number of other improvised tools.

That is something else to know about Cold Steel; all of their products are rigorously tested during design and development, and that gives Cold Steel a few advantages. The first one is the fact that quality control is at a high with Cold Steel. Since every product is extensively tested and often torture tested, you can be confident that a Cold Steel knife will not fail when the heat is on. They are designed for aggressive performance and ergonomics, and they unflinchingly provide as much, time and time again.

Finally, you should be aware that Cold Steel also extends excellent customer service, and backs their products 100% against defects in materials and workmanship. Sometimes the best way to get a feel for the quality of a brand or a company is just to dive right in, and Cold Steel definitely has a number of options that you could get for a song and will provide far more than their dollar value in utility.

Speaking of that, whether you’re looking for fixed blade knives, a pocket knife or an ax, you can find plenty of knives and tools from Cold Steel at White Mountain Knives. On, there is not only a wide assortment of Cold Steel products at great prices, but orders from their website ship free. Plus, their vendor network is huge so if you know of a knife or tool that you don’t see listed, just get in touch with their team and see if they can find it for you.

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