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What You Can See in Miami Beach

Miami beaches are considered to be one of the most prestigious and popular resorts in the United States . Thanks to the subtropical climate all year round, sunny weather pleases residents and tourists. So along with the golden sands, the Atlantic Ocean, entertainment and shopping opportunities, Florida’s beaches are so popular.

How much does a vacation in Miami cost and is it possible to relax on a budget in 2017 at this elite resort, as well as sights and interesting facts I will tell in the article.


There is a lot of entertainment on the coast. What to see in Miami, decide based on your taste preferences, since all the conditions for vacationers have been created there.

Firstly , there are many bars and nightclubs with a variety of music ranging from salsa to jazz. You can dance all night long. By the way, the most incendiary and glamorous area is South Beach or South Beach. It is home to nightlife, restaurants and stunning beaches. The Miami Beach map shows us it from 6th to 23rd streets. If you, on the other hand, want respectable tranquility, visit the Sunny Isles Beach area.

The second thing that attracts tourists here is shopping in Miami. Many talented people flock here: artists, designers, sculptors, etc. Therefore, you can find souvenirs for every taste, original wardrobe items and jewelry. If you love shopping, visit Beverly Hills .

The kitchen deserves special attention. Dishes are prepared according to Asian, European, Cuban and other culinary traditions, perhaps comparable to Boston .

And, of course, it is difficult to imagine a beach holiday without the most traditional entertainment of Miami – surfing and diving. Local diving clubs offer to explore the underwater world of the Florida coast, see wrecks and local flora and fauna. And the beaches of Miami can be considered a separate attraction.

For those wishing to culturally enrich themselves in Miami Beach, I recommend visiting the Kennedy Space Center, where you can learn a lot about space exploration, as well as the Police Museum. Fans of flora and fauna should not ignore such attractions of Miami as the Oceanarium, where, in addition to underwater inhabitants, exotic birds also live. Interesting reserves “Jungle of monkeys” and “Jungle of parrots”, in which animals and birds are in their natural habitat. Large animals – lions, rhinos, giraffes, zebras – can be seen in the Lions Country Safari Park.

One of the largest national parks in the United States deserves attention – the Everglades Park. For lovers of bodily freedom, I recommend the nudist beach.

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In addition, there are many interesting things in the vicinity of the city:

  • Park and organic market Pinecrest Gardens & Fresh Market)
  • Villa Museum Vizcaya;
  • parks at Coconut Grove;
  • West Lake Park, canoe;
  • park with alligators;
  • hockey stadium BB&T Center;
  • Hallover park and kites.

How to choose a tour in Miami

Resorts in the region are quite expensive, so if you don’t think over the budget and act spontaneously, your vacation can cost a pretty penny. To avoid such situations, I recommend calculating the budget in advance, right up to the return home. Ideally, it is better to contact a travel agency to choose a tour or arrange a last-minute ticket with the booked hotel and the calculation of the total budget.

Miami Beach resorts now offer prices for vouchers for two adults from 92 to 250 thousand rubles per week. As a rule, the price of the tour includes flight, transfer from the airport to the hotel, accommodation (usually these are 2-4 stars hotels) and medical insurance. Meals according to the selected system can be included in the tour price, or you can refuse – some travel agencies include meals in advance. The most popular vouchers are all-inclusive, so if you don’t want to bother with the service, I advise you to look for one.


I recommend finding out information on last-minute tours to Miami in several agencies at once – so you can compare prices and services provided and choose the most optimal option for you. It is even better to use the websites of tour operators, where there are convenient calculators for calculating the tour. You can choose the number of days, travel dates, tickets are automatically selected. In addition, it will be possible to compare prices, offered amenities. One of the most valuable, in my opinion, functions is the ability to read reviews of tourists about the hotel of interest, attractions, restaurants, which helps a lot in choosing. You might want to take a break in Malibu .

A trip to Miami is perhaps one of the best options for those who want to plan their budget in advance and not get into ridiculous situations.

By the way, if you don’t like hot weather, plan your vacation in Miami in October. Now is the optimal time – the air temperature is expected to be from 25 to 28 degrees, so if you have free time today or tomorrow, look for trips to Miami, and more. This is possibly the best time in Miami Beach.

Self-Guided Vacation in Miami Beach

When planning an independent trip to Miami, pre-order air tickets in both directions and book a hotel. Plane tickets are best purchased on air ticket search sites. With their help, you can significantly save on the flight.

Upon arrival at the airport, consider how you will get to your hotel. You can use the bus, surface metro, taxi or rented limousine service or car. By the way, there is a hotel directly on the territory of the airport, so if you have not taken care of an overnight stay in advance, you can use its services. There are also a couple of hotels in the vicinity of the airport, but you should not stay there if you have a limited budget. Related: Limo to Boston Logan Airport

When planning to visit the resorts of Miami, it is better to book a hotel in advance, while still at home. In this case, hotel search sites will also come in handy. They help find budget hotels in Miami Beach.

Finding a hotel that is optimal for the price is not so difficult: choose a search engine site in Russian, put a point and travel dates, if necessary, put additional filters, for example, WiFi in the room. You can sort by price. As a rule, you will find the optimal combination of price and quality in hotels of three or four stars. Pay attention to the ratings and reviews of users who have visited these places. In addition, these sites often post special offers and discounts, where the best Miami Beach hotels can offer their rooms at a substantial discount. Hotels today offer rooms for less than $ 35 per night for one person, and resort hostels charge even less – from $ 8-10 per bed.

Rental of property

By the way, on the same sites you can rent an apartment if you put it in the “apartment” type of hotel. You can use Miami rental real estate sites that offer apartments in Miami Beach for a minimum monthly fee – from about $ 100. But keep in mind that if you want to sit on the oceanfront, you will have to shell out a more serious amount.

If you want a more expensive holiday, the solution is to rent a villa in Miami. The approximate price minimum for a week of rent will be from 2,300 to 5,800 dollars. If you need something cheaper, then choose rental houses in Miami.

The main thing is to rent real estate only on trusted sites; it is better if you are advised by acquaintances whom you trust. When this is not possible, then look for reviews of the vending landlords.

Regardless of the type of apartment, usually housing is rented for a long time, so the payment for real estate is carried out by months.

It is important to understand that if you want to relax beautifully, without overpaying, and prepare for the trip in advance, then you will have time to prepare and collect information.

Transport rental

To travel to the beaches of Miami Beach, the ideal option is to rent a car. To rent a car service in the USA, you need the following package of documents:

  1. international passport;
  2. visa ;

an international-class driver’s license, Russian rights are also possible – almost all firms accept them, but in case of an accident, international ones are needed;

Credit card type Visa Classic.

Car rental in Miami is carried out using car rental sites or right at the airport upon arrival. I will present a list of the most popular rental companies:

  • Hertz;
  • National;
  • Europcar;
  • Budget;
  • Alamo;
  • Dollar;
  • Enterprise;
  • Avis;
  • Thrifty.

Some hotel booking sites offer to rent a car directly from them, which is very convenient, especially if you don’t want to sacrifice precious vacation time. The minimum price is from 15 to 25 dollars per day.

Renting a car is a unique opportunity to drive along the entire coastline, enjoying the views of the Atlantic Ocean. Car rental is one of the most popular and convenient means of transportation in the United States. Yacht charter in Miami is also a popular way to explore the coastline or spend a vacation, but this kind of entertainment will have to fork out.

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Some useful information

To find the coveted resort on the US map, pay attention to the most eastern and southern extremities – this will be Florida . Anyone who is just preparing to visit Florida in the United States should not confuse the city of Miami and Miami Beach. The latter is a suburb. Well, or as it is called, an area in the southern part of the city.

The climate in the region is tropical monsoon. Thanks to this, the weather pleases tourists all year round. Although the tropical season here runs from June 1 to November 30. What is nice in Miami is the sandy beach. By the way, when planning to visit Florida, get ready for a long flight. The distance from Moscow is 9222 km – this is about 12 hours of travel, and if with a change, which is most likely, then accept that you will spend at least 20 hours on the road. And get ready for a significant difference in time zones: the time in Miami Beach differs from Moscow by 8 hours. That is, when it’s evening in our country, it’s already day on the American continent – this is such a small journey into the future.

If you don’t want to get lost, I recommend using the city map. It is better to download it to a smartphone or laptop with a description of attractions, streets, as well as a photo of Miami. The Miami Beach map can be useful for those planning independent excursions. I recommend exploring the Miami map in advance – it’s a good alternative to a guide.


Miami today is a network of beaches, restaurants, hotels and all kinds of entertainment. It doesn’t matter what it will be: a sailing excursion, relaxing on the beach or a trip to the parks. A tour in Miami will be unforgettable.

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