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What to see in Morocco, discovering its wonders

Morocco is a fascinating destination, a country in the Mediterranean area, part of North Africa. It is bathed to the West by the Atlantic Ocean. The administrative capital is Rabat, on the Atlantic coast. While Marrakech, in the center-south is the most important tourist center of the country. What to see in Morocco? Let’s take a trip to discover its wonders.

What to see in Morocco:

Equally important are Casablanca and Fez. The first is the economic heart of Morocco and is located in the western region. Instead, Fez is the cultural and religious capital, so much so that it is nicknamed the Holy City of Morocco. It is intellectual, religious, and cultural capital. All these cities are among the main vacation destinations in Morocco. Every year they affect millions of tourists from all over the world. In fact, this country is rich in history, culture, and traditions. Casablanca and the Mediterranean coast are numerous nightclubs and dedicated to entertainment and shopping.

The four imperial cities are unmissable destinations. Over the centuries they have been chosen by the various ruling dynasties as capital residences and embellished with monuments, mosques, Madrasas, and sumptuous palaces. They are Rabat, Fez, Marrakech, and Meknès. They differ from all other cities in Morocco for the refinement of the buildings. Very fascinating are their medinas, the oldest neighborhoods, dating from the ninth century. Characterized by a particular labyrinth structure.

Travel to Morocco: Marrakech:

Marrakech is the most important of the four imperial cities. Home to very fascinating traditional markets. It is distinguished from the other three cities by its particular Andalusian style. It is re-proposed in the Souq, in the imposing minaret of Koutoubia, and in the Djemaa el Fna square where real open-air bazaars are organized with jugglers and acrobats.

Eight hours away is Fez. Besides the royal palace and the New Town, you can’t miss the Medina. Home to markets of all kinds, and Borj Sud. It is an ancient fortress now in a state of ruins that rises in the south of the city. On a hill from which you can enjoy an impressive panoramic view.

marrakech in Morocco

Discover Tangier:

Another popular destination for tourists and Tangier, located a few kilometers from the Strait of Gibraltar. Rich of museums, it is remembered in particular for that of Forbes, that of the Old American Legation, and the museum of Moroccan art. In the latter, you can find objects that are real works of art. These are jewelry, carpets, textiles, and embroidery from various places in Morocco. On the other hand, in the Museum of the Old American Legation, there are precious objects and works of art made since the 17th century.

Tangier is famous not only for its cultural life but also for its beaches, accessible all year round. Also, you can not miss visiting the caves of Hercules. Created by the erosion of the rocky coast by the waves, and the camel ride at sunset around the city.

For the more adventurous you can also take a trip or an excursion to the Sahara desert. It is a truly spectacular experience, unique in the world because of the special characteristics of this region. You can opt for the traditional camel ride or choose a more comfortable and faster vehicle such as an off-road vehicle. A place not to be missed is the dunes of Erg Chebbi. The highest in Morocco (up to 250 meters) and extended for tens of kilometers.

Tangier the top things to see in Morocco

Try the typical Moroccan dishes:

Finally, while touring in Morocco, you can not miss tasting the local specialties, such as couscous, local dates (in Erfoud every year there is a dedicated festival), and the traditional tajine, based on chicken and vegetables.

Tagine pot


To conclude, Morocco has the top things to see in the whole continent of Africa. It is visited by thousands of tourists to discover its enchanting views and landmarks, from oases, architectural buildings, Kasbahs, and much more.

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