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What to Do in Evening Desert Safaris in Dubai?

What to Do in Evening Desert Safaris in Dubai

What to do in Evening Desert Safari Dubai? An Evening desert safari is one of the most popular tours, when it comes to a desert holiday. The evening desert safari starts out on the red dunes of the Arabian desert, but can be changed to a morning safari by going on to the al Hajar area.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

What to do in Evening desert safari Dubai includes a dinner desert safari followed by the customary camel riding. This is a great chance to experience the best of Dubai. There is the option of visiting the Camel farms and henna painting. You can also visit the desert region of the sand basing area and enjoy the evening desert.

Camel Riding

Camel riding is a popular activity of the evening desert safari in Dubai. This is done on a rough terrain. It is an exhilarating experience. You will get the best views of the surroundings and a good chance of seeing wild animals like elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, vultures and even jaguars.

Another Activity

Another popular activity on an evening desert safari in Dubai is sand boarding. Sand boarding is like surfing. Sand boarding is done in the dune basins and the top sand banks of the Emirates. This gives you the best view of the surroundings and the flora and fauna. You can also participate in dune bashing, which is a competition held during the summer for professional surfers.

Other than the sand boarding, there are other activities that you can do during the Dubai Hummer desert safari. You can go hunting on the dunes with a rifle or you can go for desert camping. The latter includes camping in the desert under the stars, cooking your own food and sleeping in hammocks.

 Dubai offers many other exciting activities

Other than these activities, Dubai offers many other exciting activities like riding on traditional Bedouin camels and going on morning desert safaris. The Bedouin tribe of Morocco lives in the southern part of the country and you will find them living at various oases and hunting various animals in the area.

You can go on an early morning or late afternoon Bedouin safari on a camel ride. In the evening, you can enjoy a desert dinner with your dinner companions and then head to a local hotel for a night comfortable in the sun. Other daytime activities include riding on traditional rugs dotted all over the city.

An excellent choice of accommodation to stay in Dubai is a traditional Bedouin camp. These camps are very popular and you can also experience their lifestyle and traditional Bedouin ways of living. There are many Bedouin camps in and around the Dubai conservation reserve.

These Bedouin camps are well looked after by the Dubai authorities and they have modern amenities available at the camp site. You will have to bring your own cooking equipment and you will need to arrange your own water source for drinking and bathing. If you want to participate in the Bedouin tribe’s lifestyle you can still do so; all you have to do is arrange your Bedouin camp on a safari tour and take along your own Bedouin cook.

If you like a bit more of a chilled-out experience then you might prefer to have dinner outside the camp fire on an Arabian dessert wine tasting safari. Other desert camping adventures include horse riding, diving, snorkeling and hot air ballooning.

If these experiences appeal to you then you can have all of them when you opt for an evening desert safari in Dubai. The best part of all about these safaris is that you get to return to a relaxed, peaceful and luxurious hotel room afterwards with your vehicle and all your travelling gear ready to go.


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