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If you’ve ever started a new SEO services business, there are several steps you can take to get things right. I myself started a business last year that

you have ever considered starting a new SEO service business. Guest Posting, there are several steps you can take to get things moving in the right direction. Last year I started a company that is already achieving great results. Not only will an SEO company give you great rewards, but you will also learn how to rank higher for your own website as a bonus.

Why SEO?

The passion started with my first SEO project for the Gjenvick-Gjønvik archives. A large private family archive in Atlanta, Georgia and Trondheim, Norway. My success in search engine optimization resulted in over 1000 top 10 rankings in the field of all major search engines. Best of all. I made this ranking without the benefit of any formal SEO training. After doing so well with my first SEO project. I started thinking about becoming an SEO specialist.

About becoming an SEO specialist
My first step was reading articles about the SEO profession. Where I discovered that it was still in its infancy as there were no formal standards or knowledge base for professionals. So in June 2003 I finally decided to take a course called Master Search Engine Optimization Competencies for Web Developers (MSEOC). A few months later I thought another course would be needed. This time I chose Robin Nobles Web Specialist Academy programs. Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals and Advanced Search Engine Marketing Training. After completing the first course and certification in Search Engine Marketing Strategies. I decided to take the plunge and start my own SEO company.

Essential Elements to Consider Before Starting Your SEO Business
Of course, there are many initial preparations that need to be worked out, including a domain name, company name, domain hosting, website content, website design, keywords, services offered, prices, payment options, and how to get found. by search engines.

It’s all in the name
After reviewing search results for other SEO services, I discovered nearly 500,000 listed sites, most of which were already using the best SEO company names. Fortunately, my last name is unique, so the domain name Gjenvick-seo.com was a clear and simple choice. I then researched Google and Wordtracker to determine a business name that would attract search engine traffic. It became clear that the term search engine optimization was thrown around a lot, making the competition fierce. Research on the term SEO yielded a third of the results, giving it a better chance of being in the top 30 search engine results. Based on my research, I finally chose the name Gjenvick SEO Services.

geographical differences
Then it would be necessary to distinguish the site from all others, therefore the geographic location made more sense to attract attention. The phrase “SEO Services Atlanta” has hit the mark. Currently, gjenvick-seo.com ranks first and second out of 12,200 listings on Google.

Ranking prices?

After I managed to get a lot of top 10 rankings for the archives, I started to wonder if there was a prize for achieving that status. I discovered that J.K. Bowman’s Spider Food offered “Recognition for Top 10 Ranking”. Their specific criteria required the ranking to be on the site’s index page. Therefore, after some thought, it seemed like a good idea to award search engine optimization prizes. As a bonus, it would also drive traffic to the new website and pose a challenge for any SEO Tools  professional.

Finding the Right Web Hosting Company
The next formidable task was to find a web hosting company, which was not difficult. Several companies had relationships with Archives, so I gave iPower Web a thumbs up, based on their reasonably priced package deal that included free installation and domain name registration.

content is king

Knowing that content is king and critical to a website, I had already start outlining some ideas of what to put on the website… who we were, what we did, where we were base, how much for services and what what . opt for Gjenvick’s SEO services. for answer To understand these fundamental questions, information was present about the company, the services offere , contact details including address, email and phone number, and a website that project the right image.

Web design for users.

He had done web design in the past, but he honestly wanted to see if there was a template available to use. After doing some research on Dreamweaver templates, it became clear that there would be no shortage of websites offering templates for sale. After some serious shopping, I chose the Monarch template for its clean and uncluttered design.

Make a list and double check

The domain name gjenvick-seo.com was now live. So it was time to put all the pieces together. Although some changes to the navigation buttons were initially require. However, it didn’t take long before he was ready to upload the website. Having previously written the content of the web page. It was only a matter of copying and pasting all the web content into the templates. Since the site was new, no one knew it existed.

Which left some time to load the website and make changes under real conditions. I did preliminary checks. Keyword analysis, HTML and CSS validation, making sure images loaded correctly. Checking spelling on all pages. To prevent listings from being filtere by Google and other search engines. I have done a content rating (a self-assessment process) by ICRA or Safe Surf. With all that done, now was the time to go live. The quickest route would be paid withdrawal, but the best way was for search engines to find me.

Get found by Google

To begin with, the Gjenvick-Gjønvik archives were linked to my new website, giving search engines a trail.  Received the first Master SEO Top-10 Rankings award for 642 top-10 rankings for my work with the Archives. I have also sent a link to the price shown in the archives to my new pricing page on gjenvick-seo.com. I then set up another link from the Archives About Us section to the Gjenvick SEO Services home page, followed by another link to a resume I’ve always had on the Archives website. Less than a week later, Googlebot explored gjenvick-seo.com and within a few days listings began to appear on Google, Yahoo and AOL.

The results are in
I did do some top 30 rankings, although I failed to score on most of the top search terms based on Wordtracker research. I then reviewed the web pages, reviewed their META description and keywords, and used a keyword analyzer to help develop possible search stages to find Gjenvick SEO services. After this I compiled several hundred possible search terms. Then it was time to see if one of the search terms appeared in the search engine (top 30). Unbelievably, I came up with over 200 search terms, mostly ranking in the top 10 on all three major search engines. Gjenvick SEO Services was now open for business.


For those interested in starting an SEO business, the following general steps should be considered:
1. Initially, read and research as much as you can about the SEO market; Take courses offered by reputable people so you have a good foundation.
2. Prepare yourself by choosing a good domain name that will stand out. Also, choose a great hosting company that you feel comfortable with.
3. Make sure you put good content on your site, including keywords, services you will offer, prices and payment options, and how it will be found by search engines.
4. Perform preliminary checks, including keyword analysis, HTML and CSS validation.
5. Make sure images load correctly and make sure you run spell check on all pages.
6. Have your content reviewed by ICRA or SafeSurf so search engines don’t filter your content.

The promise

If your website is new, in a highly competitive market or industry. If the SEO company tells you that it can take your website to the top of Google in 60 days. Then you should not register with the company. This is simply because they have no idea about SEO or they say it to attract you. To avoid wasting money and time and avoid frustration later on, you should avoid that company altogether.

A simple or top-tier SEO company will always provide you with realistic expectations that can stretch for many months or even years, depending on your market, competition, and reach. If you have a new website that is competing in a moderately competitive market. A good position in 6 months is a good promise, but the same period of time will not be possible in a highly competitive market.

SEO Services It is imperative that you ask your SEO company what will be include in the SEO package before signing the agreement. You don’t need to get a full description of every SEO activity, but a broad understanding is essential. Ideally, an SEO company should tell you which parts of your website will be change to enable SEO and how they will proceed with the link building process.

SEO companies

Most of the best SEO companiesor good  will keep their promises and provide ample proof of what they say and what they claim to do. Some of the best SEO companies even offer a guarantee, although not all of them do. Not giving a written guarantee does not mean that a particular SEO company is not good. The reputation of an SEO company in the market is a great guarantee in itself. So if you sign up with a leading company with a reputation to back it up, rest assured that they will stand behind what they promise to deliver in the SEO package and on time.

You may be on the wrong track, as it’s not always easy to determine if your SEO company is as good as it claims to be. There are some SEO companies that have had a great track record, but lately their performance has dropped. So if you don’t know your recent customer feedback and rely on your previous customer feedback, you could end up on the losing side of the deal.

SEO is an important aspect, but to better handle it, you first need to understand what it really is and how it can help your website. If you are informed enough, you can make the right decision.


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