What Is The Reason To Fail For Filling Your Income Tax Return?

While taxes are significant, approximately 10% of taxpayers do not meet this obligation. The main reasons are costs, debt fear and lack of time.

Filing costs

Most taxpayers have no cash and will not file their federal income tax returns. They often do not know how to prepare their own taxes and do not have the resources to use a professional’s services. Thankfully, income tax planning clinics provide their services for free. To benefit from this assistance, users must only follow those requirements. You can opt for tax services in hyderabad.

Fear of having to pay taxes

If you don’t have enough money to pay back, it can be stressful. Some taxpayers therefore don’t file tax returns because they think they need money. But debts will not disappear by ignoring the issue. This conduct ultimately exposes them to additional fines, which just raise their debt.

Forgetting or running out of time

Occasionally taxpayers fail to file their tax return. Others are frustrated, and time is running out. In this case, it is necessary, even if the deadline has passed, to file your tax return as soon as possible. This eliminates future fines and avoids debt build-up.

What should you do if you have tax liability?

Once you file your income tax return, some taxpayers are liable to repay tax. Even if they don’t have the money to pay for it, quick action is easier. This duty might otherwise lead to significant financial problems, such as wage collection, lien registration and legal mortgages. To avoid such problems, you can meet a specialist for advice and decide on a solution.

Tax liability solutions

Consumer proposal

For those with substantial tax obligations and threatened with payment garnishments, the consumer plan is useful as this approach especially protects taxpayers from this remedy. This approach also helps taxpayers to reduce their overall liability and to reduce the cost.


If no other choices exist, this last resort approach may also be considered. At the end, taxpayers are relieved of their tax obligations and other personal debts (usually 9 months in the case of a first bankruptcy).

A controversial solution

Generally, with pre-payments on a credit card or personal loan, the tax liability can be reduced. In order to reach a payment deal easier with the public authorities, interest rates on these goods are higher than those paid.

Cooperation is more advantageous

Even if you are in a tough position, cooperating with other agents is easier. Normally they are more likely to accept and recommend options for citizens who work with them.

One last piece of advice

It is recommended that you file your income tax return before the deadline to prevent more fines irrespective of the circumstances or reasons. It is another step to have the resources to repay the balance owed. It does not jeopardize the return to income tax.

Group, tax service and approved insolvency trustees may assist taxpayers with some aspects of income tax returns and repayment of liabilities.

You can be responsible for penalties. 

Late penalties for filing. If you claim a penalty not to exceed 25 percent of unpaid tax for more than 60 days after the due date of the audit.

Penalties for late payment. The extension to file your return does not extend the tax payment due date. Late payment penalties amount to 0.5% of unpaid taxes each month, with a limit of 25% of unpaid tax. 

Failure to file penalties is fraudulent. When the failure to file your return is found to be fraudulent, fines are extended to the late filing of your return. Opt Income tax consultants in hyderabad.

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