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What is the fastest electric skateboard you can buy?

The fastest electric skateboard

Nowadays electric skateboards have evolved a lot and the industry has become very competitive for making quality skateboards that attract and satisfy the riders. But there are also some exciting people who want not only the best quality e-board but also the fastest electric skateboard.

Before buying an electric skateboard you look at the speeds above and think that they will eventually be unattainable, or unnecessary. But it doesn’t take long for the 15mm board to hit the maximum speed when your mind starts to change, owning a board that’s much faster.

In some cases having an electric skateboard can be much safer faster than most especially if you are riding your board on the street. This enables you to blend in with the traffic much more easily and on that occasion when you want it on the floor, you can quickly and easily get yourself out of the compromising situation.

EVPs (electric personal vehicles) have become increasingly popular in the last few years, as they allow people to connect seamlessly to their city or campus. Allows people to move or stop public transport quickly, or complete their entire commute. 

You are one of those thrillers.

There are many electric skateboard makers out there, but this is a special list of the fastest electric skateboards you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. I’ve read some blog posts claiming that 26 to 30 mph is the fastest electric skateboard. If you have a post like this, believe me.”They know nothing about the fastest electric skateboards.”

These are the fastest electric skateboards on the planet.

The next board of the NGV

NGV’s Next board is the only skateboard that has set the historic Guinness World Record for the thrill-seeker Mishko Urban, who reached 95.83 km / h (59.55 mph) on the board. Formula

You can get four ranges of speed on this board depending on the battery you use. The maximum speed of this board can be from 22 miles to 65 miles. It can climb 25% gradient hills weighing 100 kg rider at a speed of 15 mph.

Deck 103cm long 73cm wheelbase and deck material High-grade custom molded carbon fiber. The Bear Kodiak is a special urethane blend with 160mm / 180mm truck extender and NGV 85mm wheels, 70mm contact patches, 80 shores.

It is powered by 2000W, 180kv BLDC four inhale direct-drive motors which are actually wheels but not hub motors or belt-driven motors, and have 4 batteries from 4 top 12s, 5000 mAh capacity of 4s batteries.

The remote control is connected to a strong blue connection and has two-speed settings and the best part is its acceleration and speed, it achieves maximum speed in just 10-12 seconds.

Fastest speed = 68 miles.

The fastest production electric skateboard

As you can see, there are very fast electric skateboards out there for you to buy. Some of them are certainly in favor of being terrifying to climb at the highest speed. If you haven’t been on an electric skateboard before, most of these boards come with Echo or a beginner mode, which is the tune below performance that makes acceleration and braking curves much smoother and limits top speed.

But in the end, those looking for the fastest electric skateboard will be more experienced skateboarders than those who own their own skateboard and can process the board faster.

But let’s take a closer look at some of the fastest bestsellers so you can make better-informed purchases.

X-way Atlas

The X-way Atlas All-Terrain Electric Skateboard is brand new for 2021. In my full review of Atlas, I took all the glasses and rides on board if you want to check it out.

Atlas comes in 4 forms, and they are

2WD – State wheel

2WD – All-terrain wheel

4WD – road wheel

4WD – All-terrain wheel

It is the perfect all-around performing board and it can be used for many occasions. It can be difficult to use in or around the city. Since you need to use public transport for a part of your commute especially if it is heavy and difficult to travel with you.

Can you quickly build an electric skateboard?

The best and easiest way to speed up your electric skateboard is to resize the wheels. If you have a belt-driven board, it is easy to change wheels because it will use 4 regular longboard wheels.

Increasing the wheel size means your board will cover more ground with each revolution of the wheel. Be aware that this will change the acceleration speed and overall range of your electric skateboard.

What is the fastest boosted board?

Extended Stealth is the fastest electric skateboard made at 24 miles per hour. Boosted has never been at or near the top of the board in terms of top speed. They will mainly focus on usability and speed. Also, the range wasn’t particularly good, increasing the overall speed of the card would affect the range.


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You can see that there is a wide variety of fast electric skateboards. Some of them I would find it horrible to travel at full speed. As the ideal top speed, I would say you will need about 2 to m1 miles from your electric skateboard.

Manufacturers like and Backfire are well established in the electric skateboard community and have been building boards for many years. Personally, I would choose one of these cards. Although it’s not the fastest electric skateboard on the market, you’ll work with well-established and easily communicated organizations.

Mipo quickly became one of the newest manufacturers to make incredibly fast boards.  So it should come as no surprise that the feature is on the list of fastest electric skateboards.

The main difference between the Mipo AWD Pro and Biobird’s Plutonium is that it is a full-size electric longboard, making it easy to transport if you live in an environment where you cannot be driven. In fact, as you can see in the photo. There are two handles on each side of the board to aid portability. Although there are handles, if you try to carry them too long, your hands will ache and fatigue will follow.

The board itself consists of a total of 9 layers

Among them, seven maple and two layers of bamboo. A large part of the bottom of the board considering the battery and ESC gives you some flexibility. You may have noticed that I said battery and ESC and that’s because there are two separate batteries and two separate ACs that power 4 hub motors.

Engines where we see some big upgrades compared to the old Mipo AWD model. Older models have 4×300W motors. Where this Pro version comes with a 4x500w motor. These programs will keep you safe when shopping or transacting online through shopping websites.

Now you know which card is the fastest on the planet and which one to buy. One last thing I want to advise you is that you should always wear all the necessary safety gear when running these fast and insane types of skateboards.

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