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What is the Difference Between Web Designer and Web Developer

As can be understood from the name itself, a Web Designer decides the design of any website i.e. Look and Feel or Layout, Structure, and Architecture of the webpage.

In other words, it decides how a website will look, which content will be placed where. Which Content Heading will be made and which Content will be displayed as Sub-Heading or Paragraph. Which color combinations will be used in the website, what type of image or video, or animation will be used for what type of content.

Responsibilities and Work Criteria of Web Designer and Developer

That is, the person who does all the work related to the presentation of a website can be called a web designer.

Although no one person does the different work discussed above because only one person is fully capable of doing all the work properly, it is not necessary. Therefore, in any web development company, there may be different people to do these different types of work, which are known by different names. for example, The person who describes the content of the website, that is, writes the content, that developer can be called a Content Designer.

The person who describes the structure or layout of the website, that is, describes the theme of the website, that developer can be called a Theme Designer.

The person who describes Multimedia like Graphics (Image, Font, Video Content, Animation, etc…) of the website, that developer is a Graphics Designer.

Whereas the people who do all the necessary work related to controlling the working of that website i.e. You can become an expert web developer by learning updated web development courses from any reputed advanced training institute. In other words, these are the people who decide whether: When a visitor writes a comment in the comment box of the website and clicks on the submit button, then how will that comment publish on the same webpage.

When a visitor wants to contact the Website Owner using the Contact Form, how will the Administrator get an email through the Contact Form and how will that Administrator get in touch with the same Visitor again (Email, Mobile Call, Phone Call), SMS, etc…) will contact. e.t.c …

As a web designer, all these works are also not possible to be do by a single person, so in any web development company, there can be different people to do these different types of work,

The person who designs a database to store the data related to different types of content, comments, contact information, etc. in the database locate on the webserver is Database Designer or Database Developer.

The person who creates the Admin Panel i.e. Backend and Frontend to be display for the Website Administrator and Visitor to Store, Access, and Manipulate User Data or Content in this database,

In simple words, both Web Developer and Web Designer are actually developers, the only difference is in their work, what kind of work they do related to fulfilling the need.

Basically, we can divide a website or web application into two parts, which are know as Frontend and Backend. Basically, web designers play their role in the frontend because they decide the structure, look and feel of the website. Although many web technologies are involve in this frontend development as well. Let go! Let us try to understand them in a better way one by one.

The work of deciding the structure or architecture of any website is create by HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), under which we decide which content will be visible where and when. Which content will appear as Heading and which will appear as Content Paragraph, as well as if there is any Image, Animation, or Video Content, then where and how will that content appear.

Whereas the work of deciding the Look and Feel i.e. Layout of that website is create by CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), under which it is decide that what will be the color of the visible Heading, Paragraph, etc., What will be the family, style, and size of the font and what will be their padding, margin, and border, etc., and whether it will happen or not?

What is Frontend Website Designing

Under the front end of the website, the third main part comes from Behavior. Under which it is decide that what kind of reaction the website will do in response to which type of action. That is, how will the different elements of the webpage of the website generate output.  Against any particular action and this thing is completely control by JavaScript technology.

That is when a Visitor writes his Comment in the Comment Box of a website. And clicks on the Submit Button Associated with it. Then it is necessary to check that the Commenting User has put his Name in the Textboxes. Associate with the Comment Box.

This combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is commonly know as Client-Side Technologies. In addition to these client-side technologies. The special effects you see in Frontends, such as animation or gradients.

But with the development of HTML5 and CSS3, using JavaScript. The same technologies are now using for various types of animation and special effects. Where jQuery is a very popular JavaScript framework. Which can be easily uses for various types of animations. At present, it is use to create almost every website/web application to create animation and special effects.

After Compulsory Client-Side Technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as Server-Side Technologies for a website/application. We have to choose from the total three most used technologies PHP, ASP.NET, and JSP because in these three Most of the websites/applications are develop by using only one technology.

At present, the most used technology on the server side is PHP. And more than 60 percent of the websites/applications are depend on PHP. While the market share of ASP.NET is around 20 percent and the market share of JSP is around 5%.

Although these three technologies are completely different from each other. Still, these three are basically technologies based on the C language. But still, PHP is closer to the C language than both the other technologies. So if you have good knowledge of the C language. Then you can easily learn to use PHP for Server Side Scripting.

Whereas if you have good knowledge of C# or VB.NET, then you can choose ASP.NET for Server Side Scripting and if you have a good hold on Java. Then JSP is better for you for Server Side Scripting.

In simple words, developers who know the technologies. Related to developing the frontend of a website/application is the work of web designers. Whose main work is related to the Look and Feel of the website i.e. Presentation. And under this, the content of the website, Things related to Graphics, Layout, Theme, etc.

Whereas Web Developers are basically Programmers, who need to have a good knowledge of Fundamental Programming Languages ​​like C, C++ programming course, Java because at present time almost every Programming Language Exist is basically based on the Programming Concepts of these three Programming Languages. Huh.

Although it is not very important for a Client-Side Developer to have command over Server Side Technologies.  Because their job is only to control the Look and Feel of the Frontend of the Website / Application. But for a Server Side Developer with all Client-Side Technologies, It is necessary to have the exact knowledge.  Because of the results that a Server Side Developer generates through its Program Codes. The effect of all of them has to be display in the Frontend as Outputs.

Therefore, whether you want to become a Web Designer or a Web Developer, in both situations, it is necessary for you to compulsorily learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript because without understanding these three technologies properly, you can go to any website. Cannot control Frontend properly.

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