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What is the difference between a hosting and a domain?

Hosting and domain: what is each thing, what are they used for and where to buy them. We explain everything to you.

A very frequent question that many people come across when they start with this domain is what is Hosting and Domain. The explanation is simple and this article will clear up all your doubts.

If you are only looking for where to buy hosting and domain, you are in the right place!
Hosting and domain Are they the same?
Spoiler: both to have a website and to have mailboxes, you need both.

Is having a domain the same as having a hosting? No, they are different things.

Does the domain include space to upload my website? No, but it is essential for the hosting to work.

What is the domain?

Domain .com When you buy a domain for a website, what you acquire, to put it simply, is the right to use a certain name on the internet (such as, so that people visit your website, or send you emails.

The domains do not include web space, FTP access or email accounts. So that you can start using it immediately, at we include several free services with the domain, such as web and mail redirects.

In short, registering a domain is just that, registering the name and being able to point it to hosting by assigning DNS servers. The domain alone does nothing, but without it, there is nowhere to visit your page or where to send you an email.

Register a domain

Consult all the information you need to buy a domain: prices, available extensions, terms … And with this form you can search for a domain and register it if it is free.

Check if the domain you want is free:

Search your domain …

Hosting: definition and meaning
What is hosting or web hosting?
Web hosting servers Hosting is a set of services that can be used with any domain, and you will need them if you want to have web and email. Hosting includes, for example: space on a server to install WordPress, use a web builder, upload your website by FTP, create email accounts or databases. That is, everything you need to host your website.

Once you have bought the domain and the hosting (also called web hosting or web hosting), you just have to configure the domain to link it to those services that we have purchased. This is done by assigning the corresponding DNS servers to the domain, it is a very simple operation.

In summary: we could say that hosting is having a rented space on the hard drive of a server, which is prepared with all the necessary programs so that you can upload your website and have all your emails in one place. And the domain is the address necessary for that website and that email to work.

How much does a domain and hosting cost?

In our case, the answer is very simple.

Domains are registered annually, and right now they cost € 14.95 per year.

Our price already includes the extras that many sites charge you separately, such as DNS, or redirects. And hosting can be paid monthly or annually.

Our cheapest hosting plan, the Simple plan, costs only € 7.95 per month.

We have designed it so that it has everything you need to make a good website, without having to be aware of how much disk space you need for your website or what the monthly transfer is and if it will be enough.

Complete table of domain prices.
Our hosting prices.
Buy domain and hosting
As you can see, to have your website and email accounts you need both. We make it easy for you: to buy hosting and domain at the same time, simply choose the plan you need and you will see the options to search for a free domain and register it. In 3 minutes you will have your website working!

Start here: buy hosting and domain.
Or here: buy email and domain accounts, if you don’t need a website at the moment.
After choosing the hosting plan, the domain search engine will appear. Do not be discouraged if you do not find a free one the first time, it is very common that you have to try several different ideas.

Although we offer many endings, the most used and the ones we recommend are .com and .es. The .es domains are a good option for the Spanish market, they are the own domains of Spain. And if you want to use any other ending, go ahead! Technically they all work the same.

What do I have to look at when purchasing a hosting?
It’s easy to get lost with numbers and technicalities, but for us it’s very clear: the most important thing is technical support.

At the moment of truth, the only thing that counts is if any doubt, problem or difficulty arises, you have the help you need. And with that is guaranteed.

One of the things that differentiate us is that we help you with any problem you have on your website, even with programming doubts. If there is a problem, it is resolved in minutes, not hours. And we are here every day of the year.

Normally when you buy a web hosting you already bring everything you need. It may be that other companies charge you some separate features, so many times what is initially cheap, ends up being expensive.

One of the most important details is to know if that hosting has backup copies, if they give you direct access to them (as we do) and if they are going to charge you for using them (which seems outrageous, but it happens).

Another important detail: the guarantee. We know that our clients are delighted with our hosting. That’s why we have a 60-day trial guarantee, so you can get started today risk-free. If you don’t like it, we will refund your money.

It’s the moment! Don’t think twice, choose your hosting plan and in a few minutes you can be working on your new website.

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