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What is PDF compression?

PDF is portable and mostly used electronic documents nowadays. The reason why PDF is the most popular that it is easy to share information with anyone through PDF. For opening PDF you don’t need specific software or tools. Now google chrome or any other search browser you use is enough to view, edit or download pdf files.

In this article we will take a look at what PDF compression is and how it works.

What is PDF

PDF stands for portable document files, is a type of file that is worked same ways across all the operating system. in PDF you can store any type of file, images, videos, and any other type of data. PDF is most popular for sharing and storing documents and accessible by many people.

PDF is a widely used file system, nowadays whether you are in school, college, business, or any work you need an electronic document.

PDF is useful for business because you can make PDFs password protected so for any file sharing that contains some confidential document you can use PDFs. It is possible in PDF electronic signature, and It is possible for you to prevent users from changing the content of PDF.

What is PDF compression?

PDF files are relatively small but it depends on how much data you want to store in PDF. Sometimes there are limits in some platforms to sending PDF files like (5MB etc.). Yes, you can compress PDF and make PDFs in smaller sizes without losing quality and structure.

Size and Quality

The main reason for compressing PDFs and reduce the size is some platforms have a limit of sending large files. You can also look for quality, not every tool keep the structure and quality so choose a good tool that won’t favor size over quality.

As PDF compression tools allow you to choose what type of compression you want-

Compress images

When you use a PDF that contains a lot of images that is one reason why your PDF’s size is big so this tool compresses the size of images to low, medium, or custom.

How PDF compression works

Before you decide to compression your PDF file it is important to understand what is the process of compressing PDF-

The tools or software using a specific algorithm to identify patterns and highlighting areas where shrinking of the data don’t damage too much quality of the document. For images and graphics, these tools simply reduce the size if pixels make images in smaller resolutions.

Note: if you compressed a file, you not able to return its original quality. So if you decide to compress a PDF file it is highly recommended that take a backup of that file.

Free vs paid tools

You can find a lot of tools online where you can compress your pdf. There are a lot of free PDF compression tools online.

What tools did you choose a free or paid? It is depending upon the tool or software, you should always use the tool that respects your privacy or has automatically delete your file. It means after you compress your file is deleted in these platforms that’s why backup is important.

If you are looking for a tool that compresses your PDF file without losing too much quality, provides the best free online tool where you can compress your PDF file without losing quality.

Along with PDF, there is a lot of option available in this software like word file to pdf, excel to pdf, jpg to pdf, png to pdf and many more.

How to compress PDF file using

You can easily compress any pdf file by following steps-

First, open in your browser and click PDF compression

Simply select the file you want to compress or simply drag and drop the file.

Select image quality, resolution option if needed.

Click the compress pdf button and click the download button and that ist your file is downloading now.

Why is the best option?

If you compressing PDF files on free platforms there is important that software ensure your privacy and maintain the quality of the compressed PDF.

To solve all these problems is the best free tool for compressing your PDF files.

  • is online software that is free to access and work you don’t need to install the software. In 2 pdf you can compress PDF and also convert in many formats.
  • One of the most important thing while compressing PDF is quality, ensure that compressing pdf don’t lose too much quality.
  • For security and privacy is the best option, you won’t need to worry about your file, 2pdf deletes your compressed file in 24 hours after the process is complete. The files are protected by third parties no one is access to these files except you.
  • 2df is easy to access you just need internet access and then you able to work. You can also convert files to PDF in any other format like word, excel, etc.
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