What is Lacking in The Contemporary Urdu Novels

The Urdu popular fabrication novels book of the moment are extremely popular. This is because they satisfy the following quotation of Virginia Woolf on the popular fabrication. Fabrication is like a spider’s web, attached ever so slightly maybe, but still attached to life at all four corners. Frequently the attachment is scarcely distinguishable. Virginia Woolf 

 Still, the critics might notice that in Pakistan, the themes of the Urdu fabrication novels have come stagnant. Although the followership moment likes the present-day novels produced by the pens. Still, the Urdu pens must realize that if they don’t write on the hot motifs of the present-day world, the millions of Pakistan will continue to lag before.The following are the motifs along with brief explanations, which are lacking in the present-day Urdu novels. 


The Urdu novels have seen times when people like Nimra Ahmed and Bano Qudsia contributed to the philosophical aspect of the Urdu novels. The couple has produced some great philosophical novels. Mumtaz Mufti is also a great name in the philosophical Urdu jottings. Still, unfortunately, these days there’s a dearth of similar pens. 

 Ultramodern love 

The Urdu novels of the moment are lacking ultramodern love. The ultramodern love implies that the love of the current day world. The contemporary pens are still stuck in kinsman loves and traditional ways of loving. 

 Contemporary life 

The Urdu novels of the moment are also shameface of showing decade’s old life. Some pens argue that only the civic life of Pakistan has changed and the pastoral life is just the same. Still, it isn’t true. Innumerous checks of the pastoral land show that pastoral life has also experienced massive changes. The contemporary Urdu pens also neglect the trend of the mass migration from the pastoral to the civic lands. 

 Part of women in the moment’s world 

 It’s a veritably sad fact that contemporary Urdu novels still show women as housewives. The leading ladies settle for being good housewives in the end. It doesn’t count if in the morning of the novels the leading lady is a brilliant pupil or a strong career woman. 

Science fabrication 

 The Urdu novels have noway reckoned for any type of wisdom fabrication. It’s an extremely sad fact. This is because to grow as productive individuals in the current world, everyone needs a cure of wisdom fabrication. Still, unfortunately, the current Urdu pens are continuously failing to produce anything indeed ever related to wisdom or wisdom fabrication like Forty Rules of Love

 Transnational affairs 

The novels of any language should have commodities related to transnational relations. Unfortunately, the Urdu novels of the moment still haven’t grown out of the India-Pakistan enmity. The pens should move on and try to incorporate effects from several other countries too in their novels. 

 Thus, indeed though the Urdu popular fabrication is thriving these days, it’s high time that the pens understand and realize their liabilities. Else, it’s just a matter of a time or two that the Urdu novel will come stagnant. 

 The novel is an intriguing kidney of literature. It’s different from the drama in colorful aspects. In the Shakespearean age, the drama was flourished and achieved enormous character, but latterly, there was plant the decline of it. As a result, short stories and new got a chance to rise and succeeded to achieve an enviable position. It’s openly liked and eaten by the compendiums of all periods. The great novelists of the world wrote great novels and showed their gift in their languages; and now, similar great work is also restated into different languages, but some of them are dramatized. This kidney is adding day by day, and it’s succeeded to interpret the concerned society nicely. It’s read with great love and genuine bounce. It has come a rich kidney with rich advantages. 

It’s the stylish practitioner of society. Literature is full of the muses, the dramatists, the composition pens, the novelists, the essayists etc. They interpret the contemporary life and apprehensive the followership and the compendiums of good as well as bad deeds. My vote goes to the sweats of novelists because they spend important time and pay a good devotion to interpreting the contemporary life.

The society covers religion, culture, habits, living mores, testaments, classes, pivotal problems and sanctification. It’s fact that the novelist takes subject matter from the history or the concerned society. When he finds commodity good or bad, he recite it in his work in order to apprehensive the people. Still, and if it’s bad must be excluded or avoided because it’ll harm the society, If the thing is good must be profit of. When a novelist writes a novel, he introduces the locale fully to the compendiums. He introduces the belief of the people.

It means their religion. He noway damages to their belief but he invites the religion to break their different and pivotal problems which are rehear in wrong manner or for the benefit of some particular class. He narrates the system of deification, pertaining from the holy book and pursues them to make sweet their diurnal life with affection, peace and real awakening. His characters are chosen from the contemporary society.

They wear original costumes, have the habits of that society and speak the same language with ignorance and proficiency. He introduces all feathers of the characters with different pronunciation of language. It means that some are presto, shrewd and skilful, and some are naive, dull, stupid and spluttering. The educated person speaks refined language, and the other characters speak language of their style which shows their part and the chance of their sincerity to the society.

They put the problems of the society before their compendiums. Through all the characters, the novelist succeeds to interpret culture, habits and mores. Similar interpretation provides knowledge to the compendiums about the classes of the society and their geste to each other and their responses. He narrates the pivotal problems which are substantially disturbing them. The novelist finds the result of similar problems and gives final touch to the novel with the result of the problems. It means that when the novelist writes a novel, he introduces all the effects of that society or position or the country. Indeed, he’s the stylish practitioner of the society. 

 Compendiums read the new with the intention of entertainment and the knowledge or stuff about the concerned society. The central thing of the compendiums is to search novelty and the secret of success. As in’the Internee of Zenda’, we were ignorant of the morganatic marriage, but with the help of it, we not only got knowledge about it but also of its consequences.’To the light House’is a big novel.

We, the compendiums, didn’t know the significance of the light houses, but this new issued a great knowledge and freshness. It also hands over this service to all humanity that they should be like a light house, and in result; all the worldly difficulties would be dissolve. Thackeray’s’Vanity Fair’interprets the life of Victorians age. His characters collectively represent all the classes of society—– their actions, habits and problems.’The Mill on the Floss’is an autobiographical novel.

George Eliot represents her account of life and girding actually. The novelist brings before the compendiums the psyche of that age. It’s well said that the indigenous and panoramic new a huge interpretation of contemporary life. Similar novels recite the details of the particular region.

Contemporaneously, the cerebral novels also lead the compendiums to visit brain and its inclinations actually. The compendiums, during their trip, get considerable knowledge of the life of that period. Indeed, they interpret the life better than that of the annalist or the dramatist. New plays the part of companion because it leads the compendiums for introducing them to all the factors of life of the concerned age. The callers gain huge knowledge and wisdom. So new is the stylish practitioner of life. 

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