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What Is Hot Tub Oxidizer?

What Is Hot Tub Oxidizer?

Owning a hot tub and caring for the system can make it seem at times like you need to maintain a PhD in organic chemistry. What with all of the different spa chemicals that you’ll need to maintain on a daily or weekly basis, ranging from sanitizer to shock to flocculant to a variety of algicides, things can get just a bit dense. One of the chemicals that you can use to help maintain the clarity of the water in your spa that doesn’t get a lot of coverage is hot tub oxidizer, and in fact, there are some out there who don’t even know what it means. Actually, there even seems to be some confusion surrounding it, and the difference between it and sanitizer and shock, so we’ll clear up some of that.

Sanitizer is the chemical that you use to kill bacteria and destroy other organic contaminants in your pool. The two most common sanitizers used for pools and spas are chlorine and bromine. Both of these chemicals work according to slightly different chemical pathways and are not identical, and each has its own benefits, but suffice it to say that they are both suitable for use in a spa.

Shock is like sanitizer; in fact you can almost say that shock is sanitizer, because the only real difference is in the concentration. Shock typically is a highly concentrated form of chlorine that you apply to the water on a regular basis in order to boost the levels of sanitizer in the water to keep everything sparkling and safe.

Now onto the hot tub oxidizer. Some of the confusion that surrounds oxidizer comes from the fact that many sanitizers and shocks contain oxidizer as a part of the mix, because oxidizer and sanitizer work hand in hand. There are some unique differences that follow.

Sanitizer kills bacteria and other biological contaminants. Oxidizer is used to break down and remove organic waste to make it easier for the sanitizer, say chlorine, to easily remove and kill the contaminants contained in it to keep the water clean. When you get into your spa, you bring with you (albeit inadvertently) skin cells, oils and other contaminants that can diminish the quality of the water. Oxidizer breaks down the complexity of this organic matter to improve the efficiency of the sanitizer or chlorine shock in order to keep the water sparkling.

Part of the reason that hot tub owners sometimes get oxidizer and sanitizer or even oxidizer and shock mixed up is that it is very common for sanitizer and shock to contain oxidizer. This can make maintaining your hot tub easier since you won’t need to apply the two chemicals separately. Shocks and sanitizers sometimes already contain the oxidizing agent that will make it easier for them to keep the hot tub water clear even under heavier bather loads.

If you’re looking for a collection of solutions for shock, sanitizer and oxidizing agents that you can use to keep your spa water crystal clear, don’t look any farther than the Hot Tub Club. The Hot Tub Club, which you can access on its website, HotTub.Club, is more than just a cool name. It is the place to go when you need shock, oxidizers, sanitizers, test strips or any other chemicals or maintenance materials for your spa or pool. Plus, not only do they have a great selection, but their team is as experienced as they come. If you’re experiencing an issue with your pool or hot tub that you need diagnosed or even if you just want some more information on the minute differences between oxidizer and other chemicals, reach out to their team at 866-546-8882.

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