What Is Coworking?

Coworking as the name suggests is a place where people with different work natures, work independently in a shared or semi shared environment. These spaces differ from the usual office spaces because people in these environments are not working for the same employer. People working in coworking are usually self-employed. The people working in a coworking space are directly or indirectly dependent on each other.

Everything you need to know about coworking spaces

We have a place for future CEOs and today’s freelancers. As the number of remote workers is increasing all around the globe, a coworking space in Lahore like ours will help you share innovative ideas with others while you are less alone and have the comfort of home. We have everything covered for you with our best facilities in class.

Our coworking space lies in the heart of Lahore with views of Gulberg and easy access to public transports. You have a meeting, a project, or freelancing work, we provide private offices and shared spaces. Our sole goal is to provide a collaborative and convenient work environment where everyone can create and share their ideas. Moreover, we promise an energetic and positive environment to work in. We aspire to creativity, productivity, and collaboration. If you are a resident of Lahore and think of venturing outside your home, visit a coworking space in Lahore main boulevard Gulberg that can fulfill all your business needs.

Coloc.Work is a coworking space in Lahore that targets startup geeks and freelancers. We are in the heart of Lahore. We are proving shared offices and private offices with highly accessible public transport. This coworking space in Lahore is surrounded by eateries and restaurants with views of Gulberg. Our coworking space gives you the benefit to have your own desk or sit anywhere you want. People are more inclined to work within their comfort zone. We have a variety of options to choose from; just choose what fits your budget. Joining a coworking space in Lahore that will open new horizons of creativity and diversity where people from different areas of Lahore can work under one roof. You may find your next-door neighbor, a photographer, a designer, or a developer to share your experiences with.

The best feature of working in a coworking space is that you are surrounded by so much creativity, positivity, and so much productivity. Our coworking space is a blend of freedom, innovation, liberty, and cooperation that creates a strong corporate culture that makes the workforce happier and satisfied on individual and corporate levels.  A coworking space in Lahore like ours will let you hold training sessions, conferences, dinners, and events that aspire and nourish employee’s relationships.


We provide offices and resources according to your budget and pricing. We offer a stylish interior and collaborative environment with challenging prices in Lahore. We encourage work and fruitful business thus we provide cost-effective and quality reliable services.

Desks and power supply:

Getting a power supply at home is not that common. However, coworking spaces in Lahore have power sockets attached to every desk as all individuals’ matter. We have our place perfectly designed you can work all day long all your devices handy and charged. While everything is so expensive living in Lahore, a coworking environment like this will save you a lot more than you wish to spend.

Business Meetings

Arranging meetings and training sessions are the need of every growing business. Wondering how you are going to manage that if you are an independent worker or freelancer? We got you!

Coworking Space in Lahore also offers meeting rooms that are available for interviews, training, presentations, and client pinches at very affordable hourly pricing. Moreover, we have fully equipped meeting rooms where projection equipment and coffee are available to meet all your meeting requirements.


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