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What is a Website

A website is a medium for connecting people with business. It can easily attract people and help them to get the goal. Nowadays, people visit online at least once a day.

Also, search for different kinds of information on the web. Website is a media of that information. A site serves many purposes for people. But do you know what is a website? Many people don’t. In this article, you can have an idea about a site and its many types that will help you know what type of site you need. 

What is a Website?


A site is a collection of web pages and content like articles, images, video, audio, etc. with the domain name. It is accessed by visiting the home page and using the browser. 

The first website was built at CERN and launched on August 6, 1991. There are 1.3 to 1.8 billion sites on the internet that still exist though many sites are not visited by people. 

What a Website Can Do?

A website is a great medium of business. People can see the details of the product or company view website that boost your business. 

The things a site can do is given below:

  • Online presence
  • Engagement
  • Generate leads 
  • Promote Business
  • Make business profitable

Online presence: 


Maximum sites are made for business purposes and in a business online presence is important. A site can bring that online presence. Many people search to get local business through search engines. But how can search engines give your information to the customer? Well, here comes website design and development that will help search engines access your information like location, contact info, etc. that makes your online presence


A website is the best way to get traffic. As it creates a channel for customer engagement. When people visit your site and get the information about your business that can connect them to the business and create interest among them which brings engagement in the site and your business. 

Generate Leads to Your Business:

A website with a great strategy can lead your business and increase sales. It can generate any business with a call to action. Call to action directs people to a direction that goes toward your business, as when they feel interested in your product they will want to know more about it and look for your contact which a site can lead to. 

Promote Business:


A website can showcase your products with information that helps customers to get the full idea about the product. Online images can reflect your offline image too, so presenting a quality site can promote your business. You can add services you give or photo generally to your product that make customers have all the details which will create interest in them. You also can add feedback from the customer that makes it trustable. 

Make your Business Profitable:

A website can make visitors customers. It can increase sales in your business and can make the business more profitable. You can directly sell your products on e-commerce sites and promote them on business sites. Both will increase sales and bring profit.

Types of Website:

There are many types of websites in your all-around but you must consider what type of site you need for your business. Every category of the site has its own goal and difference. By having an idea about sites you may find out site type and its works which will also help you to choose your type of site. 

Types of the website are given below:

  • E-Commerce-Website
  • Business-Website
  • Entertainment-Website
  • Educational-Website
  • Personal-Website
  • Media-Website
  • Web Portal
  • Community Forum-Website

E-Commerce Website:


E-commerce is the online shopping platform where people directly purchase products or services of different companies by using debit or credit cards. If you are planning to sell your product or service online this is your best option for a website. E-commerce sites make it easy to browse products and highlight each product to the customers. Nowadays it has become the best site, many brands give their service view to e-commerce sites. It includes a shopping cart, a buyer can add a product to the cart after that a visual payment process will come.

You need some factors to create an E-commerce site like an SSL certificate for payment security, e-commerce software. It helps a business owner to set up their business and build a position. Many individual traders can also present their existence by paying a commission to the web host. Nowadays E-commerce is a great way to do business.

Features of E-Commerce Website:

  • Content management
  • Promotion and discount code tool
  • Search engine optimization code
  • Blog sector
  • Email marketing feature
  • Multiple payment options

Business Website:

A business website is a site that represents a business directly. These sorts of sites do not sell products directly but convert visitors to customers. Before online shopping every person requires more information about the product, the business site helps them to get every detail about the product and contact the owner. It makes your business look more professional.

Every business should have its site in this era of technology and mobile. Enhancing the functionality of a business site can include a log-in area. Internationally many brands don’t sell products directly but represent their brand through the business site. 

Entertainment Website:

It is a site that focuses on interesting subjects like video, content, news, or anything. Now people depend on mobile more than television and find entertainment on smartphones. Many people visit sites for entertainment purposes, to take a break from work. These sites also make money like e-commerce or business sites by providing advertising.

If you write funny blogs or make funny videos, films, audio content then this site suits you the best. Unique content always attracts the viewers and helps to connect to you.

Features of Entertainment Website:

  • Stylish-website
  • Focus on content
  • A fast platform 
  • Optimization and speed
  • Take mobile phone into account
  • Point of view of marketers
  • Mind ads and space

Educational Website:


An educational website is used to provide educational content or article. It can be used for representing any institute like school, college, university. This site provides educational material to the student, some may provide different online courses. The information an educational site provides is most valid, as it has a highly professional editor who gives information from trustable sources.

Some educational websites show advertisements like entertainment sites, some give an offer to parched many courses, and some offer subscriptions. It is mainly designed to attract the students and their parents as it is required for study-related factors only. In this type of site, the educational sources do not include. All the details are related to the educational department. 

Key Feature of Educational Websites:

  • Robust search functionality 
  • Include a video to tell the story
  • Visual consistency
  • Built for mobile
  • Use endless scroll
  • Content management system
  • Customization
  • Compelling Design 

Portfolio Website:

A portfolio detail website is a site that keeps someone’s past work record. A professional service provider like an artist, writer, designer, a filmmaker who wants to show their best quality work to the client makes this type of site. It is the best way to present professionalism and dedication to the clients.

This type of website is used for keeping the best work, especially by freelancers. It makes the person available and searchable to the clients. A portfolio site is usually more creative. These sites are designed by professionals and it’s the place to try out the new features and layout. 

Features of Portfolio Website:

  • Design
  • logo with tagline
  • Call to action 
  • High-quality image
  • Testimonial 
  • Services
  • Contact information 
  • Information about the person


Social Media Website:


People from all over the world use social media as the best way to connect and communicate. Social media websites focus on interaction, communication, and getting a target audience as it is easy to get the target audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. Content of social media is shareable in the social media that brings the viewer to the site.

The created content should be related to social media. It should be shareable content like video, memes, infographics, etc. many business owners promote their business through this type of site. A social media button is also added on the site to take directly on the social media page.


Features of Social Media Website:

  • Free web space
  • Web address
  • Profile
  • Upload content
  • E-mail
  • Create page

Blog or Personal Website:

A personal social blog website is a medium for sharing one’s thoughts, experiences, feelings with the world. The blog focuses on the writing content as it offers reading material. It speaks through the word. This type of site includes blogs, photo desires, etc. Creating a personal blog is simpler compared with other sites. As its motive is not making money. You may use a simple design with a simple template. Nowadays personal blogs have become trendy and mature. But there is a type of personal site that sells products like books and the host is a writer. 

Feature of Personal or Blog Website:

  • Dynamic blog
  • Same structure
  • Visual content
  • Regular content
  • Clear focus
  • Internal linking


A website is a great way to get your goal online. It can generate and bring success to you. There are many sites that you can use for your business purpose. Different types of sites have different strategies, different goals. Choosing the site type is essential to create it completely. It will help to create the site comfortably to reach the goal as well.

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