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What happens on a Facebook marketing call with an expert?

Has Facebook recently been sending you invitations to schedule a Marketing Expert call? If you manage a business account in Facebook, you likely manage multiple accounts. You may have also spent a lot of money on Facebook ads and other social media services. We’ve received these emails for multiple Facebook business accounts that we manage. Instead of ignoring the ads, the $50 credit line really impressed us. Hook, line, and sinker. Based on our experience, here’s what you can expect from a Facebook Marketing call.

Facebook monitors your business account. They want you to spend more money with them. They want to provide you with advice and guidance to help you reach your goals on Facebook.

If you aren’t sure what your goals are for Facebook advertising, it’s best to think them over before your Facebook Marketing Expert call.

Prepare for your call with a Facebook marketing expert

Before you call, write down your goals and questions for Facebook advertising. If you don’t give them those, they’ll tell you what they have in mind. Do your Facebook ads help you grow your brand and get new website leads? If you get a conversion on an ad, you’ll have to share it with the Facebook Marketing Expert.

It’s also helpful to understand your audience well before the Facebook marketing expert call. For the client we arranged the call for, we normally have multiple target audience segments. Ensure you have all the necessary information handy. Facebook consultants will ask you with respect to your goals so that they can recommend certain tactics in Facebook Ads Manager.

Questions you will be asked at the start of the call will most likely include:

What are your goals?

What is your monthly budget?

Do you normally use images, videos, or both when sharing on Facebook?

Facebook Marketing expert recommends strategic marketing advice to help with goals.

What to expect from the Facebook marketing expert call?

We were surprised at how short and timely the Facebook Marketing Expert call was. Do not expect to have all the time you need in order to communicate with them. And if you do not want too much time, you’ll likely need to schedule multiple follow-up calls. The call ended up being, on average, no longer than 25 minutes, and the consultant spoke pretty quickly. You will be scheduled into a 30-minute slot with a Facebook Marketing Expert, and they will not overrun time. We assume that they fill their days with these back-to-back meetings.

Now, let’s say, you tell them your main goal is to increase your website traffic and leads to your website. Their primary goal is to provide strategic advice on how to reach those goals on Facebook. You will first learn what type of ads you must focus on, and they will recommend a budget.

What They Recommended for Us

I mentioned to the dermatology practice that our goals on Facebook might have been the same as mentioned above: brand awareness and leads to our website. Furthermore, Facebook is just a small portion of our digital marketing services that we handle for this client today. Along with social media services, we also offer PPC, analytics, local and regional search engine optimization, reputation management, content creation, etc. Since the budget for Facebook is not a priority, yet remains an important one, nonetheless.

Facebook is an important platform for this dermatology group to maintain awareness of their practice and to share updates about dermatology news. I additionally, it also helps businesses improve their SEO (search engine optimization) efforts by means of blogging and other content creation. After telling the Facebook consultant this, here’s what she recommended for us:’, ‘Long’: ‘After explaining this to the Facebook consultant, here’s what she recommended for us:

1. Stop boosting Facebook posts.

Right, instead of boosting posts, they recommended that we start creating advertisements through Facebook Ads Manager. Keep in mind that this is not new to us and we, had expected them to say this. We have, in the past, created ads with Ads Manager.

In fact, you can check out our ultimate Facebook Ads Guide if you’re new to navigating Facebook Ads Manager and creating an advertisement.

However, it is not the route we typically take, for this client, due to the type of content we publish on their page and their goals.

The Facebook consultant noted that engagement does not guarantee success, which is right. However, if you’re interested in brand awareness in particular, engagement is still considered positive and you’ll want to continue to grow your Facebook audience and engagement over time.

Consequently, we think Ads Manager is the way to go when you are running a longer campaign, especially if you’re looking for leads or some type of conversion.

You might want to look into Facebook lead ads, which will help you with a number of marketing goals but especially knowing your audience.

If you are looking for market research, customer feedback, or increasing conversions, Facebook lead ads may be the right solution.

2.Try using Facebook Carousel ads

Facebook recommended carousel ads as a way to get around the fact that content creators do not have a way to promote their content. If you’re going to use a carousel ad, make sure it fits with your specific campaign. For instance, a campaign that is focused solely on brand awareness to a new audience for this brand of dermatology should create a simple carousel ad like this:

The first slide with the business logo

The next few slides will delve into the different services the business offers (in this case the different types of dermatology services).

Finishing off your presentation with a strong call to action.

Not sure what a carousel ad looks like? Carousel ads are exactly what they sound like — an ad with 5–7 (or less) slides that turn, like a carousel. You have likely seen social media ads in carousel form. Here is an example of a carousel ad we have created before.

3. Learn from the Facebook Marketing Expert

The best way to benefit from a Facebook Marketing Experts call is to set realistic expectations. Ensure that you get enough time to prepare your questions before the call. If you do not have enough time, you can always schedule another call. In the follow-up email, they sent us some additional articles, so that we can follow up further after the call. And because we planned the call in a way that enticed the audience to earn $50 in ad credits, we did receive the ad credits to the business account several days after. Bonus!

We all know that social media management and advertising are some of the main areas of digital marketing today. It encompasses brand awareness, reputation management, media marketing, and more for small businesses and large businesses. However, in addition to social media, we recommend developing a comprehensive digital marketing plan that includes digital analytics, SEO, local SEO, reputation management, and more.

We hope that you can now schedule that facebook ad expert call. You might also earn some advertisement credits along the way! Do you still feel not sure about your Facebook marketing and advertising strategy? Get in touch with us today.

​Root & Branch is a digital marketing team with operations in Pittsburgh, PA and Jacksonville, NC that provides a wide array of digital advertising services for B2C and B2B companies. Root & Branch is a certified Google Partner agency and specializes in paid search, SEO, Local search, digital reputation management, digital analytics, and social media management.

Additional Tips For Creating Successful Facebook Ads

If you are not eligible for a call with a Facebook Marketing Expert, there are otherwise plenty of ways to learn about how you can set up winning Facebook ads for your store.

Facebook Blueprint

This is a free online learning portal where you can get help with marketing strategies. There are a number of different courses available here, including a comprehensive guide to creating ads for your business. Even if you do speak with a marketing expert, they will likely send you to Blueprints to get the relevant advice that is related to what they provided.
Shopify’s Facebook Ads Course
Shopify knows how crucial Facebook ads are for eCommerce entrepreneurs, so they, at once, began creating a video-based course dedicated to this very topic. This Facebook ads course discusses information about the pixel, how to create a campaign for your store, making your ad, and how to budget for it.

Final Takeaways

I spoke with a Facebook Marketing Expert, and I feel like I have a reliable roadmap for where to go next. And, I’m now trying a few of the suggestions before them, and I’m curious to see how they work. Facebook ads can be a hard place to navigate alone, so hearing confirmation that some of my strategies were on the right track was comforting.
If you are, indeed, eligible, I would recommend taking up their offer. They may have some excellent ideas that you haven’t thought of or if you are already proficient at running Facebook ads, they could review your current strategy and get some feedback from a knowledgeable source.
If you are not able to book a call, then using the Blueprint courses is another way to acquire Facebook approval for what to do with the ads. We are living in the age of information, and, indeed, this is an area where there is no shortage of content.
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