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What Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know About Shipping Methods

As a small business owner, many things go into managing the day-to-day operations.

If you own an e-commerce business, part of that involves shipping goods you’re selling. Because of this, sometimes that can mean being tight on space, time, and money to get your customers the goods they want as quickly as possible.

Shipping methods are equally as important as the goods you’re shipping. Here is everything you need to know about different shipping methods and packaging.

Small Business Shipping Methods

With food delivery on the rise, it is equally important to ensure that sustainable packaging is used for the transportation of food and other perishable items. Our friends at Nisbets have a guide on eco-friendly sustainable packaging here.

There are a plethora of shipping offerings for small businesses. However, choosing the right method for your business can be tricky. It depends on the type of products you sell and what your customers expect from you as a retailer.

With large warehouse sellers making it impossible for small businesses to compete with their service speed, small businesses must shine in ways these large retailers cannot.

This includes the way goods are packaged, what they’re packaged in, and what you’re providing. If you own a recycled home decor brand, you would also want to ship in sustainable packaging. Similarly, if you sell something like soap or candles that could melt, you’d want to ensure the packaging is insulated.

The details matter to consumers, and that is what will set small businesses apart. Though you probably can’t compete with overnight shipping and still turn a profit, home shipping and drop shipping can work for small businesses.

Home Shipping

One of the most popular shipping options for small businesses is to package products up in your home and schedule a pickup or drop off at your nearest shipping location.

Many small business owners have small stations in their homes, garages, or storage warehouses where they can package up goods and manage the shipping independently.

This is usually most effective if you make the goods in your own home or personal warehouse. Scheduling pickups is a convenient way to minimize post office drop-offs too.

Drop Shipping

If your e-commerce store sells products from a third party, drop shipping may be another viable option. It allows you to reduce or eliminate product storage costs and gives you access to a wide variety of merchandise.

Unfortunately, with drop shipping, you’re also at the mercy of the third party’s service. If your site decides on a drop shipping option, make sure you trust the company and the way they package and sell their products.

For more information on whether this could be the right option for your small business, learn about drop shipping here.

Ship Your Products With Confidence

Having a small business is a lot of work. Many times the owner is also the manufacturer, accountant, and marketer.

But the shipping side of owning a small business doesn’t have to be complicated. You can manage the shipping methods of your goods with several different personalized options.

Do your customers and your company a favor by recognizing how making small changes can impact your business’s sales.

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