What equipment do wee need to play hockey?

Regardless of whether you know the standards of hockey and the various ways you can shoot or spill the ball, you can’t begin playing hockey until you have your hockey gear! In field hockey, there’s a considerable measure of gear you need to get in advance, for example, gatekeepers to guarantee your wellbeing.

The kind of hockey hardware required contrasts in case you’re playing as a goalie & you’re protecting the hockey nets. In any case, on the off chance that you’ve not chosen which positions in field hockey to take up, at that point you ought to presumably adhere to getting the standard gear.

Individual Equipment required for hockey players:

1. Hockey Stick

Your hockey stick resembles your weapon on the war zone. Subsequent to picking the most appropriate hockey stick for yourself, you will figure out how to utilize it and inevitably, be so OK with it that it turns into a piece of you.

Picking the correct hockey stick for you is likewise significant as you need the correct size for your stature. See the outline beneath to decide how long your hockey stick should be.

2. Shoes

The sort of shoes you should be wearing relies upon the kind of surface you will play on.

On the off chance that you are playing on a grass field, at that point spikes are the most reasonable. The soles typically have enormous studs consequently considering better grasp, snappier cuts and quicker changes. In any case, on the off chance that you are playing on counterfeit turf, you should put some cash into turf shoes which have more modest studs, ideal for grasping on the fake turf.

In any case, on the off chance that you are playing in an indoor court, court shoes would be ideal as their soles have most extreme grasp for smooth surfaces.

3. Mouth Guard

Despite the fact that field hockey is viewed as a non-physical game, a mouth watch is obligatory to be worn during all matches. The primary capacity of the mouthguard is to ensure against blackout when coming into impact with another player or the ball.

4. Shin protectors

Shin protectors in field hockey are not indistinguishable from those utilized in soccer. Shin protectors in field hockey must cover the competitor’s whole lower leg as far as possible up to the lower part of their knee covers. At the point when you play field hockey, your shins take the most beating from balls and sticks. Consequently, you may think about putting resources into a quality pair of Shin Guards.

5. Socks and Rash Guards

Socks are pretty good judgment. In the event that you will not wear socks, at that point, support yourself for the rankles. Rash gatekeepers, then again, are discretionary. They go under your shin protectors and shield your shin from getting continually scoured against the shin protectors.

6. Stick Bag

A stick pack is discretionary as well however they’re certainly going to be advantageous in case you will convey various sticks at one go.

7. Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is truly valuable and in the event that you tape them to the lower part of your stick, it’d shield your stick from scratches, wear and tears! In case you’re an amateur, taping the lower part of your stick would likewise help in halting the ball.

8. Grasp

In the event that you will utilize your hockey stick routinely, at that point you would understand that the grasp at the handle wears off without any problem. It will be a typical sight for you to buy and supplanting your hand holds once you get into the game of field hockey.

9. Ball

At last, you can’t play field hockey without a ball! In any case, we are putting this under close to home hardware too in light of the fact that you ought to have an individual ball for training. In case you’re a novice, get this show on the road turf ball to rehearse rather than the normal practice ball. Field hockey balls are elastic like, hard and thick and they travel rapidly.

Additional gear for the goalie:

Being a goalie is requesting as in you’d need to get significantly greater gear for your security. These can wind up costing a bomb when you add them all up however hello, you can’t put a cost on energy right?

1. Protective cap

The cap shields your head and face from injury. When purchasing a protective cap, aside from how the cap should accommodate your head serenely, the perceivability when putting on the cap is essential as a goalie since you need to see the ball effectively on the field consistently. You will likewise need to guarantee that the pen on the head protector is completely defensive.

2. Throat Protector

As indicated by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), the throat defender is necessary for goalies, everything being equal, from junior to propel players. The throat defender or neck watch folds over your neck and is intended to shield the throat and neck from any high shots.

3. Chest Pad

The chest cushion secures the goalie’s middle and is cushioned in front. Full body chest cushions normally accompany elbow monitors.

4. Arms and Elbow Protector

Your body reinforcement wouldn’t be finished without your arm and elbow defender. They keep your arms and elbows securely cushioned simply on the off chance that the ball chooses to hit you there. Despite the fact that you don’t frequently get hit in those territories, it’s in every case preferable to be protected over grieved!

5. Right and Left Hand Protector

The right-hand defender is hard and adjusted, intended to fit around the stick. Then again, the left-hand defender is level and solid to empower the goalie to stop lifted shots. This is the other way around depending in case you’re correct or left gave.

6. Goalie Girdles

Securing your lower body is additionally significant for a goalie. The goalie supports give additional assurance to the upper legs, hips and crotch from shots.

7. Crotch/Pelvic Protector

In case you’re a goalie, you will like the crotch defender.

8. Leg Guards

In spite of the fact that the goalie pants ensure your upper legs, it doesn’t do much for your lower legs. This is the place where the leg watches prove to be useful. They cover right from the highest point of your feet to the highest point of your knee.

9. Kickers

Kickers additionally secure your legs and shin. They generally accompany the leg monitors as a set.

Well now we know the gear we need, so where do we get them? There are a couple of spots in Singapore that sell all your field hockey requirements.

You may wish to look at the recently opened Decathalon Singapore Lab situated at 230 Stadium Boulevard.

Whenever you have all the hardware that you require, it’s time that you head out to the field and practice! Regardless of whether you need to do some shooting drills or spilling drills, consistently recall that careful discipline brings about promising results!

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