What does the future of education look like?

Are education apps like Star 360 the future? With the recent need for more remote learning options, more and more parents and educators are wondering what role technology will play in education’s future. These questions relate to both teaching and learning. The use of technology allows for more personalization and targeted teaching than is always possible in a live setting.

Public school systems as well as their counterparts in the private sector are taking the time to fully investigate the benefits and challenges of online learning. For example, online technology that enables students to find a course online has provided the skills they need to kickstart their career and a share of its challenges as well. Technology in education is sure to evolve over the next decade, and figuring out how to best utilize the benefits of its use is at the forefront of many educational discussions.

Understanding the data that is available from the use of these apps is a definite boon. Apps that provide significant data allow teachers and administrators to better understand what is working well and what approaches may need to be altered. Success in education is measured in a number of different ways, and having the ability to track such successes is a great outcome for everyone. As educational technology evolves, it will be interesting to see which methods are adopted and which are left behind.

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