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What Causes of Jaundice, Symptoms, and Treatments

Jaundice Treatment

In order to find out what are the causes of jaundice, you should first know what causes jaundice. What causes jaundice is a complicated process and involves a lot of different things, such as liver disease, jaundice caused by a liver infection and sometimes, even liver cancer. You should also learn how the liver works to help with this complex process.

Causes of Jaundice

Jaundice is caused when bilirubin is increased in the blood. Bilirubins are substances formed during normal bile breakdown when bilirubin are broken down into smaller substances called bilirubin. But when jaundice is present, many other signs are also present in individuals. Jaundice can be seen in infants with hyperbilirubinemia (high bilirubinality), but in adults it usually causes only minor symptoms. Jaundice symptoms include lethargy, weight loss, dark urine and pale stools. Blood in the stool can indicate liver inflammation, and it can also indicate jaundice. The skin, eyes and mouth may be dark or discolored.

The causes of jaundice are many and varied. Liver disease is one of the leading causes. In the most severe cases, a person with cirrhosis can have jaundice and not even realize it. In other cases, when a person does not have cirrhosis and has jaundice, he or she may not experience any of the usual symptoms. If you suspect that you have jaundice, you should get checked immediately by a doctor or other medical specialist so that appropriate treatment can be taken. Hepatic disease and liver cancer are other causes of jaundice. Although both of these conditions are quite common, they are much less likely to lead to jaundice. This is because jaundice is a result of the liver not functioning properly, not because it has cancerous growths.

Other factors that can cause jaundice are liver problems. When a person has a compromised immune system, the liver can produce too much bilirubin, which can be harmful. This happens in HIV patients and those with hepatitis C. People with other chronic liver diseases are more prone to jaundice. A person with diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes, may be at higher risk of jaundice. There are also several medications that may lead to the occurrence of jaundice, such as beta-blockers and certain antidepressants.

Liver cancer is another cause. The liver is involved in processing cholesterol, which is an important part of the body’s immune system. If the liver becomes inflamed, the cells die off. If the cell dies, the liver cannot process the cholesterol, leading to liver failure and jaundice. The causes of jaundice are just as diverse as the symptoms of the condition. The most important thing to remember is that you need to be aware of what they are if you think you may be experiencing one or more of them. If you do have these symptoms, you should go to the doctor to be tested to make sure that you do not have any serious liver problems.

Causes of Jaundice

Two of the more common causes of jaundice include cirrhosis and liver cancer, and they can both be treated. However, if one of these is causing your symptoms, there are certain ways to prevent it from coming back. One of the first ways to prevent jaundice is to keep your blood sugar level stable. Foods like bananas are rich in potassium, which prevents jaundice in some people, but will cause it in others. If you are diabetic, do not eat bananas. or take any kind of supplements if your blood sugar level is lower than normal. To prevent jaundice from returning, stay away from alcohol and processed foods as well.

If you tend to have a lot of seafood in your diet, such as shellfish and tuna, try to limit your intake of high salt foods and limit your consumption of foods with high sugar content, like candies. It may be wise to avoid fried foods or any type of red meats. Junk food and fast food, especially those with high fat content, also can be triggers for jaundice. You should also avoid high fat content foods like cookies and biscuits. If you are suffering from jaundice, avoid eating junk foods and processed foods if possible to reduce the chances that it will return.


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