What Are The Styles For The Assemblage Of Custom Tuck Boxes

When it comes to the styles of an assemblage of the tuck boxes, most of the consumers, as well as manufactures, are unaware of the endless options that are prone to. Some countless styles and options can give a quite new as well as innovative and novel shape to the tuck box as well as help in providing a more beautiful as well as aesthetic opening of the tuck boxes.

In the proceeding lines, we are suggesting some kind of the tuck boxes that can give quite novel assemblage techniques to the customized tuck boxes.

  1. Snap lock bottom:

The first type in this category is of snap lock bottom. This type of box has four flaps at the one bottom while one flap at the other bottom. The snap-lock technique helps the closing of the box in a more accustomed as well as secure manner that helps in providing extra safety as well as durability to the box.

This kind of box is also known as 1-2-3 box as the snaps join each other in the flow of one two three and make a closed snap bottom. It is one of the most widely as well as commonly used kind of tuck boxes that are quite popular in the industry of tuck boxes manufacturing. The genuine use of these kinds of boxes is for the products that are trivial as well as have tube styled products packed inside them. The snap locked technique in this kind of tuck boxes helps to provide extra security as well as protection to the shallow products.

Tuck End Auto Bottom Box

  1. Six cornered tray:

As the name suggests, it is the kind of tuck box that has six corners. The tucks are folded and joined together to form a rectangular box. This kind of box is used generally in the food industry as well as in electronics and shoe boxes. This type of tuck box is also available in a four-cornered style. This kind of tuck box offers a full fledge as well as a prompt and complete view of the product upon the spontaneous opening.

  1. Six cornered beer tray:

When it comes to economical shipping as well as the storage of the manufactured boxes, the six cornered beer tray is the best option. It is also available in the four corners and is flat. The tucks join together to form the rectangular (four-cornered) as well as six cornered tray that is flat from the bottom as well as from the top. The corners can easily be joined with the help of adhesive tapes or glue.

  1. Aero-plane styled tuck boxes:

This kind of tuck boxes has the distinction of getting a swing from the standard tuck boxes. The closure on both bottoms are available but the tucks from the backside swing to the front side of the box which is opposite to that of the standard straight tuck boxes. This box can also be manufactured with the slit or friction locks for extra security as well as durability.

  1. Bright wood tray of four corners:

This kind of tuck box is also referred to as the straight notched tuck box. This tuck box has the additional feature that its tuck has shore lock or friction fits which provides extra security as well as safety to the products.

  1. Tuck and tongue style:

The standard tuck box is glue with the tongue that is not closed by the manufacturers. This tray shaped tuck box gets the huge mass packed up within the minimum time. The automatic process in the assemblage process gets the tongue closed after packing the product inside the packing.

  1. Automatic lock bottom with tuck top opening:

This is the type of tuck box for manual sealing as well as an assemblage of the products. It comprises sturdier design which excludes the rough features of the tuck and tongue tuck box. It also comprises a locking feature on the top of the closing panel.

This locking feature offers more security as well as safety to the box as well as to the product packed inside the box. It is the most commonly opted option in the custom boxes industry as it is applicable for all kinds of packing ranging from simple to retail box with logo as well as for the luxury boxes.

Instructions for assemblage:

The assemblage process is the same for industrial use as well as for domestic packing. The template is printed on the piece of the cardboard or any material that you are using. The tuck boxes do not require too much joining. The tucks usually join together to give a closing to the box.

The maximum option that is required for more closing is adhesive tape or glue for additional security. At the industrial level, the assembling of the custom boxes is done via machines while at the domestic level; the process is completed with the help of manual efforts.

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