What Are The Popular Types Of Kraft Boxes In The US

Best Custom Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are the most used and popular boxes among several other packaging items. These boxes are so eco-friendly as well as user friendly. Therefore, there is a huge demand for such boxes everywhere. You can use the kraft packing boxes for different purposes. Packing the products is not the only use of these boxes. You can also use them for gift packing or packing the things to move from place to another place.

If you are producing something and selling in the market you need a perfect packaging solution for your business. For this purpose, you can go to a packaging firm and ask to produce custom kraft paper boxes for you. For every manufacturer, the packaging is the most important thing that must be effective and reliable. You cannot sell your product in the market without suitable packaging. The customer always chooses the one which is secure and beautifully packed in the specific custom boxes. Kraft paper boxes are usually in brown color by nature. However, they can be colored and designed with high tech printing.

Custom Kraft boxes:

When we talk about the packaging boxes, the kraft paper boxes come in our minds first. This is because these are the most famous and common boxes. We can use these boxes to pack any kind of item such as food products, bakery products, toys, books, gifts, groceries, and so on. No matter what you are producing in your company. You can get the custom kraft paper boxes to get effective personalized packaging.

Custom packaging is the best solution for interesting and unique packaging. You can get custom printing to personalize your boxes and get your name on the boxes whatever you want. You can see the packaging boxes of different companies that have printed the brand name and the product name on the front & backside of the boxes. This is called custom printing. Whereas, the custom packaging includes everything such as size, shape, design, printing, and the material of the boxes.

Types of kraft boxes

  • Punch partition boxes
  • Gable boxes
  • Pillow boxes
  • Tuck flap boxes

Punch partition boxes:

The punch partition boxes are a very common type of kraft packaging boxes. These boxes are used to pack breakable products such as cupcakes, chocolate balls, or eggs, etc. There are several wholes on the top sheet of these boxes that give a display look to the product.

Gable boxes:

What is more interesting than a gable box? When we talk about the kraft paper boxes the gable boxes immediately come in our minds. This is a very beautiful and useful type of kraft paper boxes. Having a specific handle made with the same material makes it easy to carry. You can use these boxes to pack different items at a time. Mostly these boxes are used for gift packaging purposes.

Pillow boxes:

Pillow boxes are very unique and impressive boxes that are coming in different materials. But most of the people use Kraft pillow boxes to pack their products. This is because the nature of items usually packed in the pillow boxes is suitable for the Kraft packaging material. You can also use these boxes if you are looking for a unique Kraft packaging for your business.

Tuck flap boxes:

Tuck flap boxes are mostly used for fast food packagings such as pizza, zinger, and fries. These boxes are so popular all over the USA and are easily available at any packaging firm. The tuck flap Kraft boxes are coming in small, medium, and large sizes. All of these sizes are required for the fast-food business.

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