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What are the features of the Doraemon game?

Many toy and video game manufacturers have made their products innovative and attractive for people to purchase them. They can easily spot them on shelves of toy stores in beautiful shapes, colours, designs, and sizes. Children are fond of cartoons and make them their role model. They try to imitate the characters and learn from the television series that they watch.

Doraemon is one of the most famous Japanese manga series written by Fujiko F. Fujio. Many children were followers of this animated series, and soon it became a part of their daily lives. They were also keen to buy the Doraemon game which includes a robotic cat that travels back in the 21st century to support a student named Nobita Nobi. In this game, children will build structures on the moon, grow plants, and create a kingdom. They can choose the rest of the characters like Gian, Suneo and Shizuka to roam around the area. Plus, there are various mini games included, such as racing, action, and puzzles to enjoy if children are huge fans of the cartoon character.

There are many Doraemon toys also available in different shapes and sizes. Among them is the ‘Anywhere Door’ which children can use to have fun. It can transport them to any destination of their choice. It uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology using the HTC Vive, Leap Motion, and a few simple props tracked with attached Vive controllers. The result is a beautiful experience that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Doraemon Anywhere Door experience shows the similarity of techniques applied even in a limited room-scale space with little more than some simple items and a heap of creative thinking.

Children reflect of their parents. Good manners are the accumulation of habits that a person follows over the years. Parents need to teach their kids some decency while interacting with people. The Dora game is beneficial for all kids as it teaches them some manners and moulds their personality. The following are the morals of playing the game:

  • Saying the magic words: ‘Thank You’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘Please’, ‘Excuse Me’ are some of the magic words, yet extremely rare in the present era. Dora is always encouragingly kind towards her viewers during her adventures. For example – she uses the word “Please”, to her viewers when she needs help in spotting something and uses “Gracias” to thank for the help.
  • She is polite to people: Children need to be polite and courteous towards their family and strangers. Dora crosses another mile with her behaviour towards the people she meets on her way. No matter how they are, she addresses them with the utmost kindness.
  • Greeting people: Everyone has their way of welcoming the people they meet, and it is unique from person to person. As Dora ensures she greets everyone with a “Hola!”, one must do the same in their way as it can be enough to make someone’s day.
  • Helping people: It feels good when some people receive help. One must never say no to a person who is in need unless they are incapable of doing what is needed. Dora the Explorer games, teach children how to help people, including the ones they do not even know. Even a small help is a great act of humanity.
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