What are the Difference between Led Lights and Simple Bulbs

Apparently, you use lights for illumination. You might not know the difference between LED lights and simple bulb. It is because you consider all lights the same. Most of the time, LED lights and bulbs appear alike, which confuses people more and makes it hard to differentiate.

LED lights

The semiconductor included in the LED produces light with the flow of current. The Hyundai brand uses fast technology in making these lights last a long time. These lights were invented to decrease the harm that traditional bulbs caused to the environment. These lights are becoming more advanced as technology advances. People are now more interested in purchasing these lights. It is a fascination to see the versatility in its types and styles.

The infinite uses of these lights convince the customers to buy them.

  • Usage of electricity

No doubt, the advanced technology used in making the LEDs, enables the lights to work with minimal electricity. Therefore, you will see a drastic reduction in your electricity bill if you use the lights instead of the yellow bulbs.

  • Heat emission

When you compare the LEDs with a simple bulb, you will observe many differences. These lights do not emit heat when they are turned on. The energy it produces doesn’t get wasted, but rather it is conserved. Or you can say it saves the energy it uses.

  • Life span

The old bulbs used to light up for some hours. These LEDs stay for a long time and limit the frequency of replacements. It will stay on for four thousand hours. In general, it will reduce the cost of purchasing the new lights repeatedly, and you won’t have to spend on their maintenance.

LED tube lights

For more power, you can use LED tube lights. These lights are much brighter than the simple bulbs you used to have. These are bigger than bulbs. You have to fix these lights in the ceilings. But people even fix it on the walls.

It will conserve more energy than the bulbs do. These lights only flicker when they are about to fuse. Other than that, they don’t flicker. Also, the lights don’t release chemicals if they get broken. You can select the lights according to the colors too.


In correspondence to the power rating, you can select LEDs. For domestic use, you can select the lower-rated ones. This shows the diversity of these lights. Also, you get to choose the different colors of the LEDs. The customization colors make your choice selection easier. The multicolored lights make your room look fascinating.

Many industries take advantage of these lights. They use these in various units of their industries. The sharpness and focusing ability of these lights are great to use while you are studying, especially. Without stressing your eyes, and with the help of LEDs, you can concentrate better while studying.


One more thing, as we discussed previously, LEDs’ uses are unlimited. Most importantly, doctors use these lights. For example, they use these for surgeries, examining patients, and dermatological treatments.

In your homes, educational institutions, offices, and shops, you might have noticed a variety of LED lights. Let’s start at your home first. You can install lights to illuminate your house. Not only could you use it indoors, but you could also light up your garages, driveways, and gardens with it. You can get decorated ones for your lawn.

Mobile phones are great examples of using LEDs. You can use the flashlight, and even your mobile camera uses the flash. Your television remote and AC remote also include a small LED bulb in them. The traffic lights on the streets use the same colored LEDs to facilitate road traffic. Many road indicators or sign boards are made up of small bulbs that glow to guide traffic.

You might have decorated your room or study with fairy lights. The fairy lights consist of small LED bulbs which are attached to a string in series. Security alarms normally contain light, which is an indication of security. Whenever you open the door of the refrigerator, you will see the light glow, and when you close it, the light automatically turns off. The same LED light is installed in the fridges and microwaves. Many people even install LED headlights in their cars.

As a result, LEDs have numerous applications, many of which are useful in your daily life.

Hyundai power brand

This brand promises to facilitate your need for light. If you want a variety of styles, then immediately visit their page. For whatever purpose you need the lights for, you will certainly get them from there. They are specialists in designing and engineering products with great durability and energy efficiency capabilities.

Check out the lights they are offering.

1. LED flood light

To light up the dark areas of office buildings or public places like parking lots or construction areas, people often use flood lights. These LED flood lights are very powerful in illuminating areas. For such areas, the lights are turned on for the entire night. Thus, you require lights with a longer life span. In such circumstances, the use of flood lights is preferable.

Also, you could get these according to your required voltages. Their prices range between 7000 Rs and 32000 Rs. The price rises when you opt for high power. Furthermore, they use SMD technology for their lights. This term defines the diodes that are present on the surface.

2. Led bulb light

The use of the LED bulb is a replacement for the traditional bulbs you previously used. It produces light at an angle of 270 degrees. The brand uses durable materials in the making of the bulbs to increase their longevity. They even designed it with energy-saving technology to lock in the energy. For example, use it in car porch etc.

In addition, they don’t add mercury to these bulbs, so there isn’t any danger that mercury will explode. Also, it prevents environmental damage. You can easily replace the bulb when bulb blows. Only twisting is required to remove or attach a bulb to its holder.

3. Track light

Have you ever seen the track lights when you go to ceremonies, parties, and other functions? These lights will produce constant light. Mostly, people install it on the ceiling so that it spreads light in the enclosed space. Often, people install these lights on beams for extra support and to save space on the ceiling or walls. Instead of using incandescent bulbs, these lights provide much more illuminance and save money.

4. Spot light

People mostly use the spot lights on stage in concerts, shows, museums, galleries, etc. These lights require a very low voltage to operate. In particular, this light doesn’t flicker whenever you turn it on. Also, it runs for a long life span.

5. Down lights

A variety of down lights are available from this brand. Nowadays, everyone wants to limit their electricity consumption. Thus, the use of these lights is quite feasible for it. The use of trendy styles available in these lights always pleases you.

What are simple bulbs?

The difference between LED lights and simple bulb, is elaborated below.

Due to the rapid increase in electricity bills, you feel the main cause of it is the lights. Although the use of lights and bulbs happens mostly at night. Still, in such a short time, the lights consume so many units of electricity. If you use simple bulbs, also known as incandescent bulbs, these bulbs will consume more power.

The difference between LED lights and simple bulb

These bulbs typically fuse in a short time. You will notice that the bulb is very hot if you touch it after it has been turned on for a short time. Most of the energy is wasted because of the heat it produces. That means the output energy of light is less than what it is wasting. Your house might have more than 20 bulbs in total. Then, you can estimate how costly the replacement and its maintenance will become.

Furthermore, the bulbs release CO2 gas, which pollutes the environment. You won’t find many designs for the bulbs. A lack of variety often discourages customers from buying the same product again. However, LED bulbs are diversified into sizes and styles. You can get these for various uses.

Sometimes, these bulbs don’t produce enough sharp and constant light. For example, if you are studying under the light of this bulb, it makes your eyes tired. Whereas the LEDs are sharper and more focused light, you can see in that light. These bulbs are delicate to use. If one accidentally slips off your hand while you are replacing it, then it will break. And sometimes the chemical fluid that is inside the bulbs harms the environment.

Nowadays, people frequently use LED lights. These lights are a great substitute for those traditional bulbs.


The use of LEDs is much better and more affordable than the traditional old-fashioned bulbs. Your selection of lights should be based on the reliability of the brand. In the market, the brand which is popular in the field of lights is the Hyundai Power brand.

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