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What Are the Best Ways to Last Longer in Bed?


This is the inner desire of every male. They also take several steps to last longer in bed. Some males suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or other such issues, which prevent them from lasting longer in bed. Even for those who are free from such deficiencies, the problem persists. Here, we are discussing some steps that help a male to last longer in bed. The natural methods are yoga poses. There are various yoga poses that increase core strength, increase stamina and increase blood circulation in pelvic muscles. Then there are erection boosters which provide erection gaining capacity for many hours to last longer in bed.

Several causes prevent identifying a man from lasting longer in bed. The problems increase with advancing age. Younger males also have many issues that stop them from achieving the goal of lasting longer in bed. Premature ejaculation, stress, fear of loss of erection and lack of confidence are some of such issues.

Males after 40 or even in the mid-30s, face the problem of erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, and low desire, which makes it difficult to last longer. The lifestyle issues such as type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, and higher than normal stress issues curtail the time in bed males often use erectile dysfunction dose, which doctors prescribe to cure erection weakness to last longer in bed. There is no harm in using Sildenafil 150 mg, but medical guidance is necessary to ensure safe use. Let us discuss some ways to last longer in bed.

Ways to last longer in bed

There are many ways from lifestyle changes to medicines and yoga, to increasing time in bed. Before taking steps to achieve the goal, it is necessary to understand the reasons which prevent a man from increasing time in bed.

Identify the problem that prevents you from lasting longer

Identify the problem that prevents you from lasting longer

The reasons may vary from male to male. The age of the male also determines several reasons. A younger man may be nervous, shy or a little hesitant in the presence of the partner. It affects his performance. It is also observed that younger males often have premature ejaculation, which drastically reduces their time with their partners.

Premature ejaculation

It is a problem that frustrates a man because he cannot complete the session. The ejaculation happens without intention within seconds of the start of the session. The problem may be due to psychological and emotional issues. Fear of loss of erection, anxiety, higher stress levels and depression etc. 

Counselling sessions are needed to prevent ejaculation before the intended time. The problem may not last long. Sometimes the problem disappears with maturity in dealing with the partner. However, if that doesn’t happen, it is recommended to seek the help of health professionals who can suggest you the right medication to cure it. Such assistance is easily available online in this digital world from the best digital healthcare platforms like Numan. You can check this out to know more about their services and how they would be able to help you with the problem of premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction

One out of 5 males after 40 faces erectile dysfunction. It makes an erection difficult to come. The males with the problem often cannot sustain the weak erection either. There are several health issues behind erection weakness. Treating those health issues brings permanent results. However, sometimes man finds some erection issues without a major problem.

They cannot sustain the erection for a longer time. Doctors suggest sildenafil to get a larger window of erection gaining capacity. Sildenafil remains in the bloodstream for 24 hours, but it is strong in the first 5 hours. During this period, the user sustains the erection for a longer period. The period is always longer than the normal period of intimacy.

Seniors who have severe cases of erection weakness and have failed to get cured until now have a solution in sildenafil 200 mg. This is the higher dose which doctor’s reserve only for those cases, which remain unsatisfied from smaller doses.  

Lack of stamina for a longer period  

Lack of stamina for a longer period

Mid aged males often cannot get another erection after the first session. The first session lasts up to a few minutes. They feel defected and unsatisfied. Since these males are not suffering from erectile dysfunction, they do not need a higher dose of PDE5 inhibitors.

The first preference of these males is getting Viagra over the counter. The doses give the capacity to get an erection and sustain the erection for a longer period. Sildenafil, which doctors suggest for erectile dysfunction has an impact period of 4-5 hours. During this period, the user can get more than one erection. The capacity to get another erection makes a man last longer.

However, Viagra over the counter can be higher than the need. The dose can also be higher than the tolerability of the user. Medical consultations are suggested to every such male who prefers Viagra over the counter. Medical consultations will help such males to buy the best dose. Since they do not have erectile dysfunction, they need a smaller dose for a second erection only.

Performance anxiety and way to overcome it

Constant thoughts about how long a man will last in bed are signs of performance anxiety.  It can develop later into premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Counselling sessions with an expert are the solution if positive thinking fails to solve the issue. Mention the issue to the partner, so that her support in foreplays reduces the anxiety of performance.

Simple steps to last longer in bed

Create a soothing ambience with essential oils and subtle lighting at home. This will reduce anxiety and stress. Choose the essential oil of your favourite fragrance, dilute it and use it in the room. Do not rush into the intimate session. Take your time. Caressing, soft talking, and touching are sufficient to increase the time.

Steps you need to take to make attempt successful

If you are overweight or obese, reduce your weight. Obesity prevents the full potential of intimate sessions. It tried you easily. You cannot support your body in a physically intense session.  Early exhaustion stops you from achieving the goal of lasting longer in bed.

Stop smoking, drinking and unhealthy food


You need a strong and efficient cardiovascular system including lungs to support you in intimate sessions. These habits damage your blood vessels and nerve system. The inefficiency of the lungs does allow it to last longer. Perform aerobic exercises like swimming, brisk walking, skipping, running, anything that increase breathing and heartbeats. The heart works efficiently in normal time when it is made to work harder in anaerobic exercise. You need stamina to last longer, which comes with increased lung power. So make a daily routine of some aerobic exercises.

Yoga poses

yoga poses for last longer in bed

Many yoga poses make the core strong. They also increase blood circulation in the body. The strong core helps a male to keep the body free from any fatigue from a long session. It also supports the movements with exhaustion. Cobra pose, bridge pose, plough pose, bow pose, boat pose and several yoga poses make it easy to last longer in bed. You can prefer Aerobic exercises too.

Online order of sildenafil

Online order of sildenafil

Males suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, who need sildenafil, but hesitate to approach a doctor need not worry. Sildenafil citrate online is an option provided by online sites. The sites also offer online medical guidance from medical doctors to help order the best dose. They confirm the order before stating the delivery process


There are several ways to last longer in bed. Slowing down the approach is the first step. The second is identifying the causes that prevent lasting long and cure them with professional guidance.



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