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What Are The Advantages Of Custom Shopify Website Development

It is necessary to examine and explore all available options in the market for your online store. Having a digital presence has become a basic right and rules for many companies and consumers alike. Are you on a hunt for such a platform? One of those online stores creating platforms is Shopify.

Shopify or Shopify App development service is a famous eCommerce platform for upcoming online businesses. It offers a self-hosting solution. Furthermore, you can get a bunch of tools in exchange for a recurring subscription fee. To add more things to the list, it further sets up a retail space for your online store as the host.

Keeping these benefits in mind, along with hundreds of front-end design templates, and the ammo required to set up a basic eCommerce store – Shopify happens to be on the top rank of many businesses.

To explain the benefits and advantages of Shopify website development, Shopify website designers came up with the following reasons. Have a look.

Number One: Easy To Setup And Use

Do you want to launch your online store without the fuss over servers and development costs? Then Shopify is the best way to do that! Its admin interface is user-friendly and clean. Moreover, it is pretty intuitive as all the features are logically structured.

In simpler words, you will find everything on Shopify; all you need is a product to sell!

Number Two: No Technical Reservations!

The best part of Shopify is that you do not need technical expertise to launch your online shop. Shopify provides all software and hosting to you. Since it does not involve a lot of fuss, it’s likely that Shopify’s hosting is faster and more secure than you could achieve alone.

Good news, it accommodates any spikes in traffic that you might face. You do not have to worry about the software updates as Shopify takes care of it.

You need to focus on selling the product and not worry about technical issues. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Number Three: Reliable And Secure

Having an eCommerce store is easy, but maintaining is quite difficult. Dealing with sensitive information such as credit card details means your site needs to be quick, secure and always active. What can Shopify do in this case?

Well, Shopify takes care of all server maintenance and upgrades to keep your store and shopping card at all times and ensure that pages load quickly.

To encrypt your data and pass it through a secure connection, Shopify can enable SSL certificates. Moreover, for credit card dealing, it takes care of PCI compliance.

Number Four: 24/7 Customer Care

Your business is never on its own when you make Shopify part of your fraternity. They are available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Not just available, the team makes sure the response time is instant. There are many ways to communicate with them, such as via phone, web chat or email.

Number Five: Mobile-Optimized

Mobiles are an essential part of our lives and online shopping. Businesses top priority to make mobile-friendly websites so that customers do not feel difficulty in ordering from them. Shopify knows this!

Therefore, they make sure all the themes are mobile responsive and include a free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart.

Number Six: Easy Customization

You can enjoy a number of themes (around 160) both free and paid in Shopify and select the one that suits your needs. The best thing, all of them are mobile-friendly, and their customization is easy.

You can create a beautiful and different online store simply by editing the code! For assistance, you can call their experts and get guidance.

Number Seven: There is Shopify’s App Store!

Did you know there is an app store? An app where you can add loyalty programs, in-depth analytics, social media sites, reviews, shipping programs, and much more!

Not to mention the over 1500 marketing apps you can choose from! Whatever you want, it is likely there. However, not everything comes for free; half of them are charged for.

Number Eight: Marketing Tools & SEO

A website is on downfall if there is no SEO service for it. Search Engine Optimization makes sure your website is coming into the attention of users. It helps you rank higher in search results. Moreover, having access to advanced analytics, you can also know where your customers are coming.

Shopify’s add store gives you access to a huge range of marketing tools such as product reviews, email marketing, and social media integration.

Good news for those who love discounts and vouchers, you can have them on your next level up. It means they are there; however; you need to be on a specific level to avail them.

If you think you would like a guide to help you with digital marketing and the time it takes, then Shopify offers you a Shopify kit. It acts as a virtual employee, recommends and executes marketing tasks based on your products, audience, and store performance.

Number Nine: Recovery of Abandoned Cart

According to statistics, over two-thirds of potential consumers leave the shopping carts without buying anything. It happens that sometimes a visitor adds a product in the cart but doesn’t buy it. So, Shopify tracks those customers and sends emails to remind them to complete their purchase.

It is an easy way to generate more revenue. As most of the time users mistakenly close the tab and forget about it. Once, they are reminded, they go back and get the products. Hence, Shopify has a way to reach out to those users who left their cart without checkout.

Number Ten: Shopify Has Its Own Payment Gateway

Shopify has dozens of payment gateways, but it also offers its gateway which is powered by Stripe. The best part is you will not incur any transaction fee plus you will benefit from lower credit card fees. You do not need a merchant account to use as well.

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