What Are Some Features of the Exposed Linear Encoders by Heidenhain?

You might have errors when you are working with linear axes. The good news is that by using linear encoders, you can reduce these issues and increase your productivity.

Introduction to Linear Encoders

A linear encoder can measure your linear axis position. The advantage is that it will not create any additional transfer elements. That can reduce many potential errors in the measurement. For example, it can prevent heat from building up in your circulating ball screw. That can reduce the number of positioning errors.


Several errors can happen with linear encoders. That might include reversal errors or kinematic errors with a ball screw pitch error. The good news is that by using the right magnetic linear encoder, you can reduce the number of errors. That means that quality encoders are essential when it comes to gaining a high level of accuracy in positioning. Plus, you can use them if your machines are working hard.

Applications and Uses of Exposed Linear Encoders

There are many ways that a company might decide to use linear encoders. For example, a magnetic linear encoder is a perfect tool for a machine that needs a high level of accuracy when it comes to taking measurements.Β 

A company also might use encoders for measuring equipment and tools to aid in production. That is especially true for the semiconductor industry. Or encoders might be useful for machines that require even more precision. That might include facing lathes to work with magnetic storage disks. Or it could include grinding machines and diamond lathes that create optical components.

You can also use these tools for direct drive motors or highly accurate machine tools. Companies that measure microscopes and work with precise devices often require these tools. And you can also use them with PCB assembly machines.

The Design of Encoders

Each linear encoder has scale tape or a scale. There is also a scanning head, and it works well without any physical contact. Because you must mount the scale, it is critical that the mounting surface is sufficiently flat. That will ensure that the encoders are accurate.Β 

Heidenhain manufactures a wide range of linear encoders. We are happy to offer information on angle encoders that offer optical scanning or integral bearing. You can also learn about interface electronics, rotary encoders, and linear encoders. Whether you need to work with machine tools or carry out magnetic scanning, the right linear encoders will get the job done.

Choose the Best Magnetic Linear Encoder Distributor

When it comes to getting your optical linear encoder, you can benefit by working with the right distributor. We will help you get there. Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer your company.

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