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What are Fitted Sheets?

Fitted sheets, what are they?  Rainbow Hosiery makes bedspread with elasticized corners drapes over the mattress to make sure a firm fit and have a neat look. To keep the bed sheet corners fixed to their position’s elastic is installed so it doesn’t look tangled. But the size of the bed and sheet should also be the same to keep the sheet in one place.

Why Fitted Sheets are Important?

But let’s talk about why fitted sheets are important? Or Why we need them? Because it is essential to keep your mattress neat and clean and more importantly comfortable, for the long durability of the mattress. Sometimes you don’t notice how much you are damaging your mattress by:

  • Hair dye
  • Dandruff
  • Sweat
  • Natural oils that your body produces
  • Spilling of any edible or other products

The use of suitable and proper linen is essential to protect your mattress from the things or incidents that can damage it. Rainbow Hosiery provides you fitted sheets with various sheets, whether single fitted sheets or double, king size mattress sheet and queen size are one of many options.

Comfortable Bed in Less Time

Comfort is the number one priority in order to have a good sleep. Many of times a wrinkled or disarrange bed can make you feel uncomfortable. That is when the use of an appropriate sheet will come in handy and will give you a nice comfortable feeling during your sleep.

Having fitted sheets on your children’s bed is another great advice rather than the flat sheets. It will lessen the risk of them falling over especially when they most of the time play in their bed.

Now last but not least, in this day and age where time is literally money, and your routine is so busy that you might not have that much time to arrange your bed or sheets, fitted sheets are the best option for you. As it takes far less time to apply and change it as you don’t have to adjust or fold like other sheets because its already fitted to the size of the mattress.


Here at Rainbow Hosiery, you can purchase various designs and colors of fitted sheets in different sizes according to your different mattresses. Plus, once you get used to the comfortable feeling of your neat and tidy bed in fitted sheets you won’t go back to flat sheet anymore.

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