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WeldSaver- What is it, and how to Detect Leakage and Coolant Control?

When you invest in robotic welding, you need a high-quality leak detection tool. It ensured you get leak alerts even when there are no supervisors on site. Weldsaver will protect welders from overheating. The tool will ensure all costly tools like water-cooled motors, electrodes, caps, and transformers are safe.
Weldsaver is the best water saver in the market. It helps to monitor critical cooling circuits. It also helps you to detect cap loss and leaks. It’s also the best water saver on the market. It has an auto shut-off valve.
You can use the Weldsaver in offices and home spaces. It ensures you detect water leaks around office and domestic areas. Many times, leaks in homes go unnoticed. But you can detect the leaks as soon as they happen. You will save your area from damages relating to water.

Water Saver Requirements

A Weldsaver has water saver needs. Some factors lead to the need for a water saver. Once you notice the factor, then you should install the water saver.
Some factors include high flow leaks. Thus, it tells the process you need for static tools. The detective robot shows the flow direction. Dynamic robotic leak detection is needed. It timely directs panels across a system. The response speed is vital in shielding the area.

Common Causes of Coolant Leaks

Coolants have a variety of leaks. Here are the common leaks that a Water saver would detect. We will take a car coolant as an example. 

External Leaks

External leaks are easy to tell. You will see a pool of fluid outside the welder. When the car overheats quickly, the fluids escape through the leaks. The hose and radiator are the common sites prone to leaks.
The leaking water flows from the coolant tank to the coolant system. It can cause short circuits if the water gets in contact with power cables. You can tell you have an external leak when you see coolant pooling.

Internal Leaks

These leaks cause a coolant puddle under your car. You can still have a noticeable coolant level to keep your engine overheated. It would help if you refilled the coolant to keep it functional. Most vitally, it would help if you fixed the internal leaks to avoid overheating the engine. Internal leaks can happen through the head gasket. The coolant finds its way out of the system.

Leak Radiator cap

The radiator cap keeps the coolant in the tank. You open the cap to refill the coolant. When the cap is loose or cracks, the coolant can overflow after it heats or is subjected to pressure. Check the cap regularly and replace it when needed. Ensure you fit it properly. Check with the manual for the proper fitting process. 

Key Features of Water Saver

A water saver has two key features. Let’s look at them below.

Integrated Water Valve

Weldsaver coolant has a water valve. It helps the tool operate on many functions at once. It helps save money to buy several pieces of equipment. It is also simple to use and occupies a small space.

Fast Response

The Weldsaver takes 0.3 seconds to detect pressure loss. It allows you to respond to leaks in time. The automatic shut-off valves activate once the system determines the pressure drop that comes from a leak. It makes the tool useful and reliable.

How a Weldsaver Water Saver Works

There are several types of Weldsavers. They all offer different services to customers. You choose one that suits your needs. For instance, a home-grade water saver is not the same as a manufacturing-grade Weldsaver. But the differences do not change their working principles. Below is a brief of how Weldsavers work.

Coolant Control and Leak Detection

A welder is an expensive tool. Due to constant exposure to the power supply, it is subject to overheating. The components in the welder include electrodes, a water-cooled motor, and a cap. It is expensive to replace any of these components. Also, the heat can damage the whole welder tool, leading to massive losses. The Weldsaver keeps the temperatures under control, thus saving you from preventable expenses. 

Intelligent Leak Detection

Weldsaver has a patented detection system. It rapidly notices a change in flow velocity. It also differs from the changes due to leaks and pressure loss. Other factors that lead to dropping in fluid velocity include heat and effects of motion. Weldsaver notices the change in less than 0.3 seconds. Weldsaver detects cap loss or leak and automates the valve shut off. It also stops the welding process to avoid losses.


The Weldsaver is the world’s leading water saver and coolant control. The tool works in multiple areas. Thus, it saves you money and space for several tools. Weldsaver has a long history of a good name. Improved tech ensures it is easy to use and can work without supervisors.

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