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Ways to reduce the child’s anger

Here i have discussed 5 best tips to reduce the child,s anger

Children get excited for a variety of reasons. If the child cries or insists a little, the parents try to calm them down by sitting in front of their mobile phone, computer or TV.

This makes the child attracted to the ‘screen’, which can have a detrimental effect on his physical and mental growth. However, there are ways to calm the children.

Let’s find out what to do if a child gets angry:


1. If the child gets angry, try to keep calm. This will silence the child on its own and listen to you.

2. You can hug, caress and play to reduce the child’s stubbornness. Keep him engaged in different games like board games, molding clay etc. This will increase his creativity and he will also be busy.

3. Listen carefully to the children. They are happy when the child is praised.

4. Children love melodies or songs. You can listen to your favorite songs to calm them down. Gradually they will calm down and stop crying.

5. Touch is very effective in calming children. Hugging or caressing helps to calm the mind. It also determines the mental state of the children. So hug the baby to calm him down.

Author: Pediatrician and Associate Professor, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University.

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