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Ways to get more followers on Instagram

The best thing about Instagram is that you don’t need to wait a long while to have an impact. Even if you are a newbie to Instagram you don’t need to wait a while to make an impact. Even the beginners on Instagram can have an astronomical number of Instagram followers.

We come in contact with several businesses that are starting on Instagram. Most of them think that they need to wait a while and see the reaction of the audience. They wait for the people to interact with their content and then take decisions on how to improve the engagement of posts. However, there are several other methods that they can use as well.

In this blog, we are going to mention five methods that people can make use of to increase the number of Instagram followers they have. If you want to learn more about those methods then we suggest that you keep reading further.

5 Ways to get more followers on Instagram

Tip 1: Be consistent

The first and the most important thing about Instagram is that you need to be consistent in your efforts to engage people with your account. Most people get the rush of excitement when they are new to Instagram. However, once their excitement wears off they get overwhelmed. They get overwhelmed by the to-do list that they need to follow.

Due to this most people stop posting on their Instagram accounts for a while. With time these short breaks turn into long breaks which are not good for the growth of their account. Such people prefer to buy Instagram comments at a later stage to improve the activity on their accounts.

We suggest that you make posts to your Instagram account regularly. This is what we mean by remaining consistent on an Instagram account. However, we also suggest that you add stories to your Instagram story section regularly as well. You need to make a weekly and monthly target for yourself.

You need to set the number of posts that you need to make every week and every month. Moreover, you also need to set the amount of content that you are going to share with your followers. Moreover, you need to show commitment to the targets that you have set for yourself.

You can follow the strategy of batching up. You can save the Instagram content that you want to share with other people in the draft section. At later stages, all you need to do is select the content from the draft section and share it with other people. This will help you save a lot of time and would also make sure that you remain consistent in your posting.

Tip 2: make sure you have a strong Instagram bio

The next thing that we are going to talk about is your Instagram bio. You have a short video to impress other people. When people visit your Instagram account, you need to make an instant impact. You need to make use of the small window to motivate people to stay on your account.

The Instagram bio can play an essential role in this regard. The Instagram bio can impress people and entice them to follow your account. The Instagram bio can be considered as the marketing segment or the billboard of the account.

The Instagram bio carries a lot of information about your account. The bio includes the avatar of your business as well as the summary of your business. In short it tells people about your business shortly and simply.

Tip 3: engage with other Instagram accounts and comment with the intention

Most people just stop at posting content on their Instagram profiles. They show consistency in making posts on their Instagram account. Apart from that those people don’t show any sort of activity on Instagram. To grow your account organically you need to engage with other Instagram accounts regularly.

We normally suggest people spend at least 10 minutes a day dealing and cooperating with other accounts on Instagram. By this, most people take the idea that they need to reply to the comments that people have left on their accounts. It is a good practice to reply to the comments of people. But you need to engage with posts of other people as well.

We suggest that you branch out and interact with the posts that other people are making on their accounts. This will help you improve your networking on Instagram. Moreover, it would also help you get in front of other audiences that you were never aware of. This practice is much better than buying Instagram comments.

Tip 4: use Instagram hashtags with every post

The next most important tip is the usage of hashtags on Instagram. Most of the people that are new to the hashtag world treat the hashtags as an afterthought. They don’t give the hashtags the importance that they carry. The hashtags are the best tool at the disposal of Instagram account holders if they want to increase their Instagram followers organically.

Most people face difficulty in finding hashtags when they are new to Instagram. For such people, there are several blogs, videos, and software to guide. However, we suggest that these people visit the accounts of people that are competing with them. In short, they need to visit the accounts of other industries and companies that are working in the same niche.

Tip 5: Get more engagement

This is one of the most important tips. When you think about Instagram posts you need to think about your followers. Most people are self-centered when it comes to making Instagram posts. They think about themselves and upload posts that make sense to only them. However, this is not the right approach if you want to increase your Instagram followers.

Before making a post you need to ask yourself the question ‘what is in the post for my followers?’ this tip falls on all the posts that you are going to make on your Instagram account as well as the posts that you would share with your Instagram stories. Even if the content is just for entertainment purposes you need to think carefully.

You need to add some value to the content. However, the content must carry value in the eyes of followers, not in your eyes. It is recommendable to share content that is accurate to your account. However, you also need to make sure that the content is relatable to your followers as well.

Most people just get caught up in talking about themselves. They just keep talking about themselves and their brand on their Instagram account. Such people are never able to build a connection with their followers. It is because they don’t do anything to bridge the gap between themselves and their followers.

There is a gap between your experience and the content that the followers want to read and hear. You need to bridge the gap that exists between the two of them. Until or unless you do something in this regard, your followers would never be impressed by your content as they wouldn’t feel a connection. It would be the same result as seen after you buy Instagram comments.

In this blog, We mention five basic methods that people can make use of to increase the number of Instagram followers they have.

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