Waterfront Gourmet Offers Top Of The Line Catering Services

Waterfront Gourmet Offers Top Of The Line Catering Services

Planning a special event can be a highly rewarding experience, but make no mistakes about it – it can present you quite a slew of new and interesting headaches as well. You need to coordinate invitations, pick a venue and time, secure entertainment in the form of music, drinks and maybe even games. You might even need to make backup plans in the event of inclement weather if your event is slated to be held outside.

And then there is the food. Planning to provide food for a group of guests is quite possibly the most taxing trial of them all. People on restrictive diets, picky eaters, young and old attendants with different tastes and many more obstacles will lie in your way when you are trying to plan an event and secure a menu for it.

It can be even more taxing when the task falls entirely on your shoulders. That’s why so many event planners turn to the help of food service providers and Catering Services to help carry some of the weight in event planning. Sometimes, when you are planning an event, you can use all the help you can get. So if you’re looking for catering services from a tried and true full-service caterer, trust the menu for your event to Waterfront Gourmet.

Solutions for Breakfast
No one wants to worry about having to prepare food for an event that will be taking place early in the morning. Whether it’s a corporate or a private event, people will be grumpy early in the morning if they haven’t been fed well. Waterfront Gourmet’s breakfast catering services can help you pull off your early morning event in style and please everyone at the same time.

Let them set the table with a breakfast tray or a set of breakfast trays featuring bagels, cream cheese, and pastries or even breakfast sandwiches. They can even provide sweets for breakfast on top of their pastries such as coffee cakes.

Don’t forget coffee, tea or juice! Everyone needs their morning pick me up and breakfast isn’t complete without it. Waterfront Gourmet can offer your event a complete catered breakfast complete with tea, juice, and Bali Bean coffee.

Solutions for Lunch and Dinner
Early in the morning isn’t the only time of day that people get hungry or expect to be fed, though. If you’re planning a mid-day, afternoon or even an evening meeting, people will expect to be fed.

Waterfront Gourmet offers delicious twists on classic dishes that are always fresh and always amazing. Let them cater your lunch or dinner with a unique assortment of sandwiches, wraps or hoagies bursting with delectable combinations of flavors that will impress every palate. Even if you only plan on offering light refreshments, Waterfront Gourmet can come to the rescue with a cheese platter or a hummus tray to keep everyone satisfied.

Healthy Offerings
Not only are all of Waterfront Gourmet’s offerings freshly prepared for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but they offer tons of healthy options for the health-conscious. You can choose from different veggie trays, fruit trays and even guacamole trays that you’ll find on their catering menu. You can even set up your events with salad trays as a complement to your other offerings to provide a fresh, healthy, vegetarian offering.

So whether you’re looking for some light refreshment or a fully catered lunch for your special event, take a look at or call them at 267-227-1994 to see what they can offer you. With lots of fresh, delicious, healthy options, their catering services are the ideal solution for providing meals for any event.

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