Water Jetting Courses Are City & Guilds Accredited

City & Guilds accreditation is a globally recognized benchmark of quality for bespoke training programs, and it is necessary to recognize the process and delivery of the training programs offered. It evaluates the programs against its accreditation benchmark and provides consultant support to ensure the program meets City & Guilds’ standards. It provides the validation you require to demonstrate the quality of your training courses and adds value to the training you provide. 

Bespoke Programmes, Global Recognition: Your bespoke courses get the external validation it requires from a global brand to make your courses stand out.

Indicates Your Level of Commitment to Quality: As City & Guilds accreditation is only provided to the highest quality of programs, it speaks of the level of commitment you have towards the quality of your courses you offer.

Boost Your Existing Quality Quality Model: City & Guilds accreditation will help you get detailed feedback on the areas that require improvement when the center’s quality consultant reviews your programs against the accreditation benchmark.

Instil Confidence in Learners: When the learner is registering for your courses, they get to know that the course is City & Guilds accreditated, hence, it will tell the learner that you are committed to providing the highest quality of courses.

Water Jet Training established in 2009 as a drainage company is looking to pass on knowledge about how to make the job safe for the general public and its operatives. WJT has partnered with the Water Jetting Association to offer bespoke courses made for you. The Water Jetting Training courses are all City & Guilds accredited, which means it is the highest-quality courses offered. The City & Guilds accreditation quality benchmark model has been developed over 130 years of managing quality systems and training programs. It is the highest quality standard a training program can receive and is globally recognized. The Water Jet Training offer courses that are City & Guilds accreditated such as:

WJA’s Safety Awareness course covers the following:

Application & Machines: Once you have registered & an introduction is completed, you will be taken through the procedure of cleaning & surface preparation, precision & volume removal, the effect of varying pressure, range of varying Jetting machines, and configurations & categories.

Legislation & The WJA Codes of Practice: The WJA codes of practice include status, use, and recognition by the Health & Safety executive. Management regulations to keep a check on risk assessment, PPE at work regulations, COSHH, employer/employee responsibilities. 

Jetting Equipment – Nozzles: It is of utmost importance that you understand the jet principles. Understand the purpose of nozzles, power of water jet, jet pressure or the flow characteristics, jet reaction force, and types of nozzles.

Jetting Equipment – Pumps: Pump heart of the water jet system, and it is of utmost importance to understand the pump configuration like standard piston, plunger pump, positive displacement action, operating features, effects of blockage, a variation of plunger sizes, and other pump configurations.

Jetting Equipment – Pressure Controls: Pressure control and flow play a vital role in high-pressure water jetting, and can cause damage if not handled properly. You need to have in-depth knowledge of the dump & dry shut controls, fail-safe, direct manual operation, hydraulic controls, pressure regulators and automatic off-load engine speed control systems.

Jetting Equipment – High-Pressure Hose: To promote absolute safety at work, you must understand the hose construction and pressure ratings, external & internal damage possibilities, hazards arising from damaged hoses, and the importance of inspection requirements. The hose and fittings, the types & features, the hose for different flows, and so on are vital as well.

Water Jetting Hazards: Knowing the possible hazards that could arise and how you could deal with it is crucial because in case of any dangers arising from the water jet, the operational regime or site environment, you are well prepared to handle it.

Water Jetting Injuries: Understand the impact caused by the high-pressure water jet, the nature of internal injuries caused, and actions to be taken in the event of jetting damage. Aware of the possible absence of visual injury & how to use the WJA medical card is essential.

Personal Protection Equipment: It is of utmost importance that you understand how to protect yourself while water jetting. This safety awareness course will make you aware of the general principles of using a PPE, body protection, particular requirements when using UHP.

Operational Procedures: It includes routine care & inspection, site preparations, team operation and preparations for the operation, safety points during operation, and safe use of non-standard equipment will be instructed.

The other training that the Water Jet Training offers is High-Pressure Water Jetting Training. They are:

Safety Awareness & One Module: This course is closed in two days. The safety awareness is discussed on Monday, and then an additional module is taken up the following day. You can choose from the modules available:

– Drain and Sewer

– Surface Deep

– Pressure Washer

The safety awareness module and another module come at the cost of £400 and will take up to 10 hours to complete.

Safety Awareness & Two Modules: This course will take up to two days to be covered. The safety awareness is closed on Monday, and two additional modules, are taken up the following day. The module choices are:

– Drain and Sewer

– Surface Prep

– Pressure Washer

This course will take 14 hours to complete and will cost you around £500.

Safety Awareness & Two Modules: Two days are required to cover this course. On Monday, the safety awareness course is closed, and three additional modules are taken up the following days. The modules are:

– Drain and Sewer

– Surface Prep

– Pressure Washer

This course will take 18 hours to complete and will cost £600.

Now that you know, Water Jet Training courses are City & Guilds accreditated, register for Water Jet Training courses today!

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