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Vizio Speaker Stands: The Best Models for Home Entertainment

Audio has become an important part of our lives. We use it to listen to music, watch TV shows and movies, and even get work done. And with so many devices and speakers out there, it can take time to figure out which one is right for you. That’s where Vizio speaker stands come in. These nifty pieces of furniture not only help keep your audio system organized and provide a sleek and stylish look to your home entertainment area. This blog post will review the best Vizio speaker stands available today. We’ll also highlight the features that make each model unique and recommend one perfect for you. So read on to find your perfect Vizio speaker stand!

What is a Vizio Speaker Stand?

Looking for a way to improve your home entertainment experience? Check out Vizio’s speaker stands! These devices allow you to comfortably place audio and video equipment, making it easier to enjoy your content. Here are the best models available:

  1. VIZIO SB3851-C6 38 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Stand with Cable Management and Speaker Mount—Black

This VIZIO stand is perfect for a sleek design and superior functionality. It has a black finish and cable management capabilities to keep your entertainment area clean. The included speaker mount lets you position the speaker where you want it, making it easy to hear the audio while watching your favorite show or movie.

  1. VIZIO SB3920-C6 39 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Stand with Full Wall Mounting and Speaker Mount—Silver/Black

If you’re looking for something a bit more extravagant, the VIZIO SB3920-C6 stand is perfect for you. With its silver finish and advanced mounting capabilities, this stand will make any room look great. Plus, it includes a built-in speaker mount that lets you easily position the device where you want it, whether on the wall or furniture. Adding additional storage space below, you can use the stand as a media center.

Vizio Speaker Stands: The Different Types

A Vizio speaker stands can be a great way to improve your home entertainment experience. Various stands are available, so it’s important to know what is right for you. Here are the different types of Vizio speaker stands:

Tripod Stand: This stand is ideal for people with much space in their living room or home theater. It offers a tall and sturdy setup that can hold up to 45 pounds (ca. 20 kg). The tripod stand has a built-in carrying handle, so it’s easy to move around.

Wall Mount Stand: This stand is perfect for people who need more space in their home theater or living room. It mounts on the wall and can hold up to 30 pounds (ca. 14 kg). The wall mount stand has adjustable feet to customize its height.

Desktop Stand: This stand is perfect for people with limited space in their home theater or living room. It attaches directly to your desk and holds up to 25 pounds (ca. 11 kg). The desktop stand has an adjustable arm that makes it easy to position your speaker just the way you want.

The Pros and Cons of a Vizio Speaker Stand

If you’re looking for an affordable way to improve the sound quality of your home entertainment system, a Vizio speaker stand is a great option. But before you buy one, be aware of the pros and cons of these stands. Here’s a look at each:


— Cheap and easy to install

— Can boost the sound quality of your TV speakers significantly

— Many come with mounting brackets or screws that make them compatible with almost any TV


— May not be sturdy enough to support heavy speakers

What to Look for in a Vizio Speaker Stand

The best Vizio speaker stands will be sturdy, adjustable, and have a cable management system. You’ll also want to ensure that the stand has a wide base to accommodate various speaker sizes. Some models also include built-in USB ports for charging your devices.

The Best Models of Vizio Speaker Stands

Regarding speaker stands for your home entertainment system, Vizio has some of the best options available. While a few models stand out more than others, any of these stands will give you an excellent foundation for your home cinema or television setup.

The first model we’ll examine is the VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch Standalone LCD TV Speaker Stand. This stand is perfect if you already have a Vizio standalone LCD TV and want to add a speaker system. It supports up to 50 pounds (ca. 23 kg) to hold most speakers on the market. The stand also has a universal mount that makes it compatible with most TVs, making it easy to set up. Additionally, the built-in cable management system keeps your cables organized and hidden.

The VIZIO SB3855-C6 38-Inch Standalone Sound Bar TV Speaker Stand is another great option if you want something more versatile but less expensive. It supports up to 70 pounds (ca. 32 kg) and includes two 5W speakers for powerful sound playback. The base of the stand also has a convenient drawer that lets you easily store your sound bar when not in use. Like other Vizio stands, this one is universal and includes cable management features to keep your setup neat.


It’s no secret that a good home theater system can make all the difference in enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows. But if you’re on a tight budget or need more space for an entire entertainment center, Vizio speaker stands could be the perfect solution. This article will look at the best models available today and help you decide which is right for your needs. Take advantage of this—get yourself a Vizio speaker stand today!


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