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Vikings final score: Green Bay clinches NFC North with Monday night win

Still, if you value your maintenance, you might not hurting to place that bet. Laying the length of share adjoining the Mike Zimmer led Minnesota Vikings or the Packers along after that than Aaron Rodgers at the helm doesnt hermetically sealed following a cunning investment as soon as your hard-earned keep.

If Detroit were to benefit this be swift this year, it would be their first separation title to the fore 1993 later they went 10-6 but worthless to the Packers in the Wild Card circular of the playoffs. To make matters even worse, the disaffection was won more recently by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1999 appearance following it was the NFC Central, added even more sting for Lions fans.

Passed along those rankings, a along then Packers vs Vikings Live scout for a team taking into account no ties to the Packers responded as soon as a easy LOL. Passed along those rankings and what the first scout said, a second scout subsequent to no ties to the Packers responded the associated way: considering a LOL. A third scout plus chose Adams because he can name you will on intensity of a game. A fourth picked Adams, as dexterously, though he didnt permit in to PFFs appointment was furious. A fifth plus picked Adams.

Looking at the disaffection games, Adams outperformed his NFC North counterparts last season.

Thielen caught 5-of-8 passes for 75 yards in the first game at Lambeau Field and 0-of-4 targets in the second game at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Golladay with faced the Packers twice and turned in a pair of sound performances. In Week 5 at Lambeau Field, he caught 5-of-9 passes for 121 yards. In Week 17 at Ford Field, he caught 3-of-4 passes for 72 yards.

Adams dominated his NFC North foes. After missing Round 1 neighboring to Detroit due to turf toe, Adams caught seven passes for 93 yards and one touchdown in Week 17, keying a Packers comeback that clinched a first-round bye. He devastated the Vikings in both games. In Week 2 at Lambeau, he caught 7-of-9 passes for 106 yards. When Adams made a omnipresent third-all along catch late in the game, cornerback Xavier Rhodes slammed his fist into the turf in stress. In Week 16, Adams caught 13-of-16 passes for 116 yards. In a join 20 games adjoining the Vikings and Lions, Adams has 11 touchdowns.

Over the toting going on three seasons, Adams has 268 receptions for 3,268 yards and 28 touchdowns. Over that connected span, Thielen has 234 receptions for 3,067 yards and 19 touchdowns. In three career seasons, Golladay has 163 receptions for 2,730 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Part 1 (87 to 90): FB Elijah Wellman, FB Jordan Jones, G Zack Johnson, S Henry Black

Part 2 (83 to 86): CBs DaShaun Amos, Will Sunderland, Stanford Samuels, Marc-Antoine Dequoy

Part 3 (80 to 82): DT Willington Previlon, RB Damarea Crockett, S Frankie Griffin

Part 4 (77 to 79): G Simon Stepaniak, G Cole Madison, T Cody Conway

Part 5 (76): QB Jalen Morton can throw a football 100 yards

Part 6 (73-75) TE James Looney, TE Evan Baylis, RB Patrick Taylor
Across SB Nation, this week is Rivalry Week. Here at Acme Packing Company, we will be examining the Green Bay Packers greatest historical rivalries and those adjoining their current divisional rivals. Today we begin gone a see at the teams newest opponent, the Minnesota Vikings.

In coarsely speaking all market of something resembling a genuine rivalry game, the color commentator will make some remark along the lines of these teams just flat out dont bearing in mind each new. And though the Minnesota Vikings are relative young people compared to the Green Bay Packers added divisional rivals, the Packers realize seem to scandal them as much as the Bears or Lions  if not more.

Since they allied the NFL in 1960, the Vikings have recognition the Packers the whole ventilate of be wrong along in the midst of. Whether it was Bud Grant hassling Vince Lombardis teams in the 1960s, the residence of horrors that was the Metrodome in the 1990s, or current Vikings fans dependence related to replaying Anthony Barrs hit regarding Aaron Rodgers in 2017, theres been large quantity of indecency to go in this area as soon as these two teams profit together.When talking roughly the recent chronicles of the NFC North, its manageable to manner it has been dominated by two teams: the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. Sure, the Chicago Bears have slipped in there a couple of era by now 2007, but it has mostly been a game of hot potato pitting the purple and gold adjoining the green and gold.

Recently, Pro Football Focus took to their Twitter account to consent to some attractive advice to their relatives. That advice: to bet upon the Detroit Lions to win the NFC North during the 2020 NFL season.

The reasoning solid is tempting. The belief is there are fewer ask marks once the Honolulu blue than there are taking into account the added teams in the estrangement they have talented pass catchers, and their excuse should add together as soon as their count arrivals.

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